The Southern African Freelancers' Association

Where media professionals and their employers gather to build a better freelance industry.


SAFREA is the Southern African Freelancers' Association. We advocate for and support freelance workers in the communications fields. We also provide resources, tools, training and networking to strengthen freelance careers.

Our network includes hundreds of talented writers, editors, proof-readers, graphic designers, illustrators, researchers, translators, and other experts in media and communications.


SAFREA members get exclusive perks including eGuides, expert tutorials and business templates.

Jobs listing

Members get access to the latest freelance job openings and opportunities.


Connect with a network of experienced freelancers, share insights and experiences and build friendships.


We host exclusive freelance events across South Africa all year long.

Training tools

Tool-kits, video tutorials and workshops help members improve and refresh their freelance skills.

Hire a freelancer

Our freelance database connects employers with great talent. Search for specific skills or simply browse the network.

Work with our freelancers

Search our database of freelancers to find the talent you need, or post jobs directly to our members.

Search by specialty

Search our freelancers for the skills and specialty that suits your needs.

Experienced professionals

Our freelancers are experienced professionals in the media industry.

Post your job

Need a freelancer? Post your gig on our members-only jobs forum.

What Our Members Say

Joining SAFREA was without a doubt the one step that helped me grow my freelance business into a successful enterprise.

Helen Ueckermann

As a creative, I benefit from unparalleled member support and development in the form of training and tools and resources that I need to survive and remain relevant while pursuing my passion.

Anthony Jongwe

Service is quick, knowledge encyclopaedic, and the willingness to help is a major reason why SAFREA works as well as it does.

Roxanne Reid

Our Partners

SAFREA works with media and communications organisations across the globe. We are always seeking new partners who share our interest in the freelance industry.

SAFREA is a Registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 114-297).
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