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Safrea offers all paid-up members discounted access to media and other training courses (writing, editing, photography, etc.) run by Safreans across South Africa. Below are links to various courses currently on offer; please note that these course offerings will be updated as new courses are available.

Name: Stuart Rothgiesser

Region: WC (prepared to travel)

Area of specialisation: Writing

Training areas (topics): Copywriting, communication strategy, website conceptualization, corporate storytelling

Course/s available:

  • Website Conceptualization (companies, NGOs and individuals): 3 Days, R1, 080.00
  • Writing for the Web (Companies, individuals, NGOs and government): 3 Days, R1, 080.00
  • Storytelling for marketing, internal communications and advocacy (Corporates, NGOs and journalists): 3 Days, R1, 080.00
  • Communication strategy design (Corporates, government and NGOs): 3 Days, R1, 080.00
  • Annual General Report Writing (NGOs, government and corporates): 2 Days, R720.00
  • Report and Proposal Writing for Professionals (NGOs, government and corporates: All professional people who work with ideas: CEOs, managers, communications personnel, facilitators and consultants): 3 Days, R1, 080.00

% discount for paid-up Safrea members: 10% (included in above prices)

Course/s are ideal for: Professionals at mid level (writers and non-writers)

Accreditation: None

Link or e-mail address to read more: www.stuartrothgiesser.com

Contact number or e-mail address: 021 426 0192 / stuartroth@vodamail.co.za

Name: Jaco Wolmarans

Region: Western Cape

Area of specialisation: Photography, video production

Training areas (topics): Editorial shoots, story illustration, landscape & travel, corporate video production

Course/s available:

  • Digital photography (6 weeks, R750)
  • Wedding photography (2 weeks, R850)
  • Corporate video production (4 weeks, R3200)

% discount for paid-up Safrea members: 15% on all courses

Course/s are ideal for: New DSLR owners, those wishing to move to more creative manual control of their cameras

Accreditation: None

Link or e-mail address to read more: www.pictureperfect.co.za; www.wordsource.co.za

Contact number or e-mail address: (021) 552 3982; 082 8555945

Name: Carrie Hampton

Region: Cape Town

Area of specialisation: Travel Writing

Training areas (topics): Travel Writing Workshops and Courses

Course/s available:

  • One-Day Travel Writing Workshops learn the art of all aspects of travel writing and how to sell your work. Dates and price TBC.
  • 10-Module Online Travel Writing Course  can register any time; R3295 less discount to be agreed, for completion within 6 months. Covering every aspect of travel writing; each module marked plus encouraging comments.  

% discount for paid-up Safrea members: 10-20%

Course/s are ideal for: One-day workshop for amateurs or professionals from other fields of writing, editing, photography, etc. 10-module course for anyone who shows writing talent and is really interested in becoming a travel writer good self-motivation and self-marketing skills a great advantage.

Accreditation: Certificate of Completion for 10-Module Course.

Link or e-mail address to read more: carrieh@iafrica.com

Contact number or e-mail address: 082 9765905

Name: Tony Mills

Region: Eastern Cape (PE)

Area of specialisation: Photography

Training areas (topics): Basic users course slanted at journos; shows dos and donts; covers upmarket point-and-shoots (G10-type) to SLRs via distance learning

Course/s available:

  • Basic Photography Course (Correspondence). The length of the course is dependent on the students grasp of things photographic. (Usually, at classroom level, its four weeks, one day a week for 2.5 hour sessions with practicals at around 1.5 hours each.)

% discount for paid-up Safrea members: No charge if you are happy with what you have learned, a reasonable donation for my time would be appreciated. The usual cost of the course is R1500.00.

Course/s are ideal for: Beginner or would-be news/journo photographers

Accreditation: None.

Link or e-mail address to read more: http://shutterstock.com/g/tmills; http://www.wix.com/bushpig1/Bushpig1

Contact number or e-mail address: tmills@bushpig.co.za

Name: Hamilton Wende

Region: Based at Prynnsberg in the Eastern Free State its a weekend away for those who want to learn to start writing a book

Area of specialisation: Narrative non-fiction and fiction

Training areas (topics): Write That Book! Teaching people the basics of writing a book so that they leave the course with the start of that book they always dreamed about writing.

Course/s available: A 'boot camp for writers' (Friday lunch time to Sunday lunch time). Cost, including staying in a stunning Victorian mansion on the veld, includes all meals, drinks and tuition: R4000.00

% discount for paid-up Safrea members: 10% discount for Safrean members, so for Safreans its R3600.00

Course/s are ideal for: Anyone who has a book inside them and doesn't know how to start

Accreditation: None

Link or e-mail address to read more: www.prynnsberg.co.za; www.hamiltonwende.co.za

Contact number or e-mail address: sue@prynnsberg.co.za or sue@unplugged.co.za

Name: Rodger Shagam

Region: Western Cape (Cape Town) but can travel by negotiation

Area of specialisation: Photography

Training areas (topics): Basic photography

Course/s available: Improving your pics: 2 days (10am-4pm) R1500

% discount for paid-up Safrea members: 20%

Course/s are ideal for: Entry level, point and press, to basic DSLR photographers

Accreditation: None

Link or e-mail address to read more: www.africanpix.com

Contact number or e-mail addressclix@africanix.co.za, 082 900 1580

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