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Photographers, photojournalists and videographers make up a significant number of freelance professionals. SAFREA provides a body of resources and tools for this speciality, and covers all relevant issues these freelancers face.

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Managing video client costing expectations


Education is key when trying to manage costing expectations, writes Safrean Jaco Wolmarans. 

Making sense of the Digital Capture Fee

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Photographers carry four to five times the overheads than in the past when shooting film due to the high costs of shooting digitally. A Digital Capture Fee (DCF) has been suggested as a way to balance that, however, there is no industry standard for its use. Here a proposal is suggested for all freelance photographers considering a DCF.

What to consider when writing costing quotes

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Andrew Pittaway outlines important points for photographers to consider when preparing costing quotes for a client. 

Understanding terms and conditions in a photographer's contract

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Photographers may spurn the idea of written contracts to protect their work. However, having protections in place can protect a them and their work from exploitation. Here, SAFREA explains the important terms and conditions that should exist in all photographers' contracts or Terms of Agreement.

Sample photographer contract

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Once a photographer understands the terms and conditions in a standard contract, they can begin to draft their own. Here, find a sample contract that can be adapted for each individual freelance photographer's needs.

Visual storytelling - video trends in 2018

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Finding the right camera for your clients' video needs is half the battle won. Safrean Jaco Wolmarans shares some advice to get you started. 

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