Are you protecting your work adequately? Do you need to find out where you stand with a client? Find out all you need to know about copyright.

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E.TV lose in copyright case

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Local broadcaster E.TV was told to pay up for failing to credit the photographer, ask permission or pay for a picture they used. The following article contains court documents to highlight relevant details.

Copyright Amendment Bill for photographers

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SAFREA's Geof Kirby gave a presentation on the 2015 DTI Copyright Amendment Bill for photographers.

Understanding copyright

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Copyright law protects the works of journalists, authors, scriptwriters, poets, as well as artists, photographers, cinematographers, composers and songwriters, among others. It prevents others from publishing, profiting from or proffering an original creative work as if it were theirs. Know your rights.

Copyright explained

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Legislation governing copyright ownership is contained in the Copyright Act 1978 with subsequent amendments and is clear on the initial ownership of copyright.

Geof Kirby in Parliament on the Copyright Amendment Bill

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Veteran photographer and loyal SAFREA member Geof Kirby presented to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee for Trade and Industry on the Copyright Amendment Bill in 2017.

SAFREA on content re-use in publications

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The increased frequency with which publishers are re-publishing freelancers' commissioned and ‘on spec’ content in other publications in their stable or online without agreement from the relevant party, is cause for concern at SAFREA.

Geof Kirby on the new SA Copyright Act amendments

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Photographer and copyright crusader Geof Kirby tells SAFREA members about South Africa's legal framework that protects the physical expression of an idea. 

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