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Meet the Committees


Roles of each committee

Regional Committees (Regcos)

There are elected committees in Eastern Cape/Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape. Each region meets regularly. Each Regco nominates two representatives (one voting, one non-voting) to sit on the Executive Council each year.

Executive Committee (exco)

The 2014/2015 exco is a group of volunteers who are chosen by nomination / election to  take on portfolios to run Safrea on a daily basis. The current exco comprises:

  • Chairperson: Sue Charlton
  • Vice Chair/membership: Lyse Comins
  • Industry Relations: Hagen Engler
  • Treasurer: Alan Hawkins
  • Strategic Development Planning: Madi Hanekom
  • Public Relations:  Salona Surjoo
  • Advocacy and Lobbying: Sharon Salmon
  • Webmaster: Gareth Griffiths

Oversight Committee:  2014/2015

The Oversight Committee comprises senior members and senior media professionals who are elected for a two-year term. Their role is to oversee Safrea's executive to ensure that protocols are followed and that the organisation continues to grow and strengthen.

The current OC comprises:

  • Tim Salmom
  • Lynne Smit
  • Georgina Guedes
  • Patricia McCracken
  • Christopher Szabo
  • Gwen Watkins


The webmaster's position is normally held by an experienced member with a technical background and a working knowledge of systems.

The current webmaster is:


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