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Meet the Committees

Safrea is run by volunteer committee members and one part-time administrator. The committee structure is as follows:

  • Executive Committee
  • Oversight Committee
  • Regional Committees


Executive Committee (exco)

The 2015/2016 exco is a group of volunteers who are chosen by nomination / election to take on portfolios to run Safrea on a daily basis. The current exco comprises:

  • Laura Rawden: Chair, Advocacy & Lobbying, Industry Relations
  • Hagen Engler: Vice chair, PR and marketing
  • Bruce Cooper: Executive administrator and Webmaster
  • Yvette Wilsenach: Treasurer
  • Nalene de Klerk: Membership
  • Ingrid Olivier: PR & Marketing
  • Amanda Mathe: Student
  • Bazil Raubach: Professional Development
  • Clive Lotter: Strategic Development

email: exco@safrea.co.za

Oversight Committee:  2015/2016

The Oversight Committee comprises senior members and senior media professionals who are elected for a two-year term. Their role is to oversee Safrea's executive to ensure that protocols are followed and that the organisation continues to grow and strengthen.

The current OC comprises:

  • Marina Pearson: Convenor
  • Arthur Goldstuck: Deputy convenor
  • Christopher Szabo: Deputy convenor
  • Madi Hanekom
  • Gwen Watkins  
  • Lyse Comins  
  • Lynne Smit

email: oversight@safrea.co.za

Regional Committees (Regcos)

There are elected committees in Eastern Cape/Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape. Each region meets regularly. 


  • Ingrid Olivier: Chair
  • Bazil Raubach: Vice chair
  • Derrick Spies: Treasurer
  • Shawn Marsh: Secretary
  • Bryan Howard
  • Simon Pamphilon
  • Tony Mills

email: ecfs@safrea.co.za

GAUTENG SOUTH             

  • Hagen Engler
  • Clive Lotter
  • Michelle Nel
  • Paul Mills

email: gauteng@safrea.co.za


  • Sheetal Schneider-Cross: Chair
  • Rory Baker: Vice chair
  • Lois Kuhle
  • Freda Findlay
  • Amanda Mathe

email: kzn@safrea.co.za


  • Laura Rawden: Chair
  • Charles King: Vice chair
  • Melissa Wentzel: Secretary
  • Wayne Banks
  • Gidion Felix
  • Christopher Clark
  • Cherry Gamelin

email: wc@safrea.co.za


  • Nalene de Klerk: Chair
  • Matt Lee: Vice chair
  • Anton Pretorius: Treasurer
  • Chantelle Gradidge: Secretary   
  • Anneline du Preez: Marketing

email: gautengn@safrea.co.za






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