Why join Safrea?

Safrea is a valuable resource – be it needing help with information, a source or contact when on deadline, or a competent someone to take on some work, advice on work related issues or simply someone to commiserate with you.

- Shaz Davis, long-standing Safrea member


The life of a freelancer can be lonely and rather isolated. We often work from home offices and spend long hours working on our laptops.

Although most of us prefer that kind of lifestyle and working environment, we also need company and support from time to time. 



We need to discuss and share experiences, advice from more experienced freelancers, mentoring opportunities, a forum to celebrate or a shoulder to cry on. We sometimes need encouragement and support, and at other times we are in a position to give our encouragement and support to others.

As a Safrean you become part of a virtual group of like-minded people, freelancers like yourself, who understand the challenges of being self-employed, finding clients, keeping those clients, advise on rates, contracts, taxation, how to handle non-paying customers, the legal aspects, dealing with an overload of work, getting through the quiet times, how to market and grow your business.

All of this happens on our very active e-group accessible to members only.


Safreans have regular regional meetings, where we rub shoulders and network, and usually have an invited speaker to share topics of interest. We currently have branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town and are looking to establish new branches where we don't have representation at the moment.

Sharing the workload

We do business with one another sharing overflow work.  Networking and getting to know each other in person at meetings play an important role in this respect. It should be made clear that Safrea is not a job agency. As freelancers we find our own business and may share when the work becomes too much!

Discount on training courses

We offer regular discounts on training courses like those offered by the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ).

Interaction with other freelancer organisations

We interact with other groups of freelancers who are part of the Alliance of Language and Media Practitioners (LAMP), including the South African Science Journalists' Association (Sasja), the Professional Editors' Group (PEG), the South African Translators Institute (Sati) and the Association of Southern African Indexers and Bibliographers (ASAIB).

Want to know what Safreans themselves have to say?

If you want to know more, click on this link to see some of the testimonials from members: http://www.safrea.co.za/pages/119-Testimonials_from_members



Safrea is a Registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 114-297).
PBO 930049795