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Articles in this section cover to the business of freelancing. Tools provided include templates or invoices and contracts, as well as tax advice specific to freelance professionals.

Please note: most of these resources are available to members only.

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How to Charge for Travel

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Charging a rate for travel using your own vehicle? Use this tool from AA online to calculate the most accurate rates.

AA Information about marketing

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Expert small business coach, Pete Carruthers, addressed an audience of 60 attendees at the Safrea Western Cape monthly meeting on 30th September 2014. In a landmark webinar, hosted from his office in Norway, this is what he shared with us.

MAC Industry BBBEE Codes and Safrea

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Safrea prepared a submission to the DTI's draft MACT Industry Codes during 2015.

Draft Contracts for Various Media Services

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Safrea is indebted to senior Safrea member, Gwen Watkins for sharing these draft contracts with us. Please click on the top link to read further and reach the download page. As new documents are created by our contributors, these will be updated onto these pages as and when they become available.

How to prepare for the taxman as a freelancer

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10 easy ways to keep your numbers in order for the taxman.

How to handle your freelance account

Being a freelancer may lend itself to flexi time and more freedom to do other things but being a serious freelancer is a full time job. Instead of trundling off to the beach whenever there is a gap between briefs or lying in when the work is slow, I find that I have a set working routine that involves being at my desk at 7am, having the same attachment to my Blackberry as any other busy exec, and a Moleskine full of daily to do’s. But how did I get here? 

How to get paid

Sometimes getting work isn't the hard part of freelancing - it's getting paid.

Tiffany Markman (Safrea executive council member) and Jo Duxbury (Freelancecentral and Peppermint Source) collaborate to give their valuable tips on how to get paid for your hard work.

What is a 'Kill Fee'?

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The terms 'kill fee' and 'cancellation fee' are often used interchangably. However, they shouldn't be. We break down the definitions of both terms so you can use them where appropriate and ensure you are covered in case either instance applies to you.

Using the Small Claims Court to Get Paid

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Sending a Letter of Demand requesting for the amount owed to be paid within 14 days, "or else" is often enough to prusuade an overdue debtor to pay up. If not you may have to go to small claims court. Here are a few pointers for going this route to get paid.

Definitions and Terms You Should Know for Contracts and Negotiations

There are a few notable terms you should be familiar with when creating a freelance contract or formal acceptance of a commission. We give you a quick overview of what you should know in a format that can be copy/pasted into your own official documents.

Taxed at Source?

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Members wishing to avoid being taxed at source should familiarise themselves with the SARS Tax Directive which explains the two stages of process that the client's accounting department uses to establish a freelancer's relationship with any particular client.

Commission Acceptance Letter

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When accepting a commission from an editor or agency, you may want to get the terms and conditions in wrtiting. Use this template to detail assignment details, as well as copyright, usage, kill fees and rejection issues.


Feature Proposal Template

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Want to pitch a great story? Here are some golden rules to proposal writing.

Service providers Recommended by Safreans

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Here is your list of preferred service providers, for the use of Safrea members.  We would appreciate your assistance in keeping this list vibrant and up to date.  Feel free to recommend service providers who you consider to deliver outstanding service, and please let us know if you discover that records need to be updated in any way.

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