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Articles in this section relate to the business of freelancing. Tools provided include templates of invoices and contracts, as well as tax advice specific to freelance professionals.

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How to protect credit in the gig economy


Your freelance career path needs a financial plan.



Things I have learned in a year of running a business

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Safrean Renee Moodie reflects on her first year of running a business, with plenty of takeaways for all freelancers, no matter how long you may have been in the game. 

Practical website advice for beginners

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SAFREA members shared advice on the forum with newcomers, about which web design tools to use and how to perfect a website that is used as a marketing tool.

What is a 'kill fee'?

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The terms 'kill fee' and 'cancellation fee' are often used interchangeably. However, they shouldn't be. We break down the definitions of both terms.

Business Break Even Analysis

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An article and tutorial that clearly explains the vital importance for a business owner or freelancer to know exactly what their business's break-even point is with clear instructions on how to calculate it.

Costing and pricing products and services

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This article/tutorial explains how to accurately calculate the direct costs of products for manufacturing and retail businesses and services for freelancers. It clearly explains how if the cost price of a product is calculated incorrectly then the selling price will also be incorrect, with business failure imminent.

Your business pipeline

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Struggling to find freelance work? Here's what you need to do, according to Safrean Arthur Goldstuck. 

8 Things freelancers need to start saying now

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These key phrases from Safrean Tiffany Markman will have you communicating confidently with clients in no time! 

Freelancing is a real business

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The importance of seeing your freelance career as the business it is. By Ed Richardson, who has been in the business of freelancing for a loooong time.

Feature proposal template

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copy social media stock 9

Want to pitch a great feature story? Here are some golden rules for proposal writing.

Be contract terminology savvy

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contract, negotiation (2)

There are a few notable terms you should be familiar with when creating a freelance contract or formal acceptance of a commission. Here's an overview of what you should know.

Draft contracts for various media services

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SAFREA member Gwen Watkins has shared draft contracts for media services ranging from PR and events to copywriting, training and more. These serve as a great template for freelancers to adapt as their own business requires.  

Contributoria challenges funding models

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collaboration, meeting, creativity, co-working

Sarah Hartley from the organisation Contributoria - a community-funded, collaborative journalism platform - delivered a presentation to a SAFREA Western Cape meeting in 2015. 

Commission acceptance letter

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contract negotiation

When accepting a commission from an editor or agency, you may want to get the terms and conditions in writing. Use this template to clarify assignment details, as well as copyright, usage, kill fees and rejection issues.


Quoting dos & don’ts

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Safrean Dave Henderson shares the good, the bad and the ugly of quoting...with practical tips to improve your own quote system. 

Good invoicing habits pay off

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Invoicing may be a boring job, but it is critical if you want to make it as a freelancer. Safrean Penny Haw outlines the 8 steps you need to follow to get your invoice right. The first time. 

Plan and Manage a Businesss Cash Flow

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An article and a tutorial clearly describing the importance of planning, managing, and reviewing a business's cash flow, and how to do so. It includes a Cash Flow template.


How to get paid

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admin financing invoicing tax

Sometimes getting work isn't the hard part of freelancing - it's getting paid. Tiffany Markman and Jo Duxbury collaborate to give their valuable tips on how to get paid for your hard work.

POPI for freelancers

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Guidance on the applicability of the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013.

Marketing tips from a business coach

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marketing expert writing new strategy on whiteboard

Expert small business coach, Pete Carruthers, addressed Safreans in a landmark webinar, hosted from his office in Norway. In it, he unpacked the art of the sale and how to pitch and land work using specific techniques for success.

Using the small claims court to get paid

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checklist, to do, organisation, planning

Sending a letter of demand requesting for the amount owed to be paid within 14 days, "or else" is often enough to persuade an overdue debtor to pay up. If not, you may have to go to small claims court. Here are a few pointers for going this route to get paid.

How to handle your freelance account

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Being a freelancer may lend itself to flexitime and more freedom to do other things but being a serious freelancer is a full-time job. Caroline Cowan discusses how to maintain the flow of work as a freelancer. 

To freebie or not to freebie?

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Most freelancers have been asked to work for free at one time or another. Do certain situations or relationships warrant it? Maybe. Safrean Tiffany Markman shares her views on the subject. 

Successful Business Budgeting

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An article and tutorial clearly explaining the importance of financial planning for a business owner by regular budgeting and reviewing, and the steps to be taken when drafting a budget.

New client? How to make a good first impression

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Safrean Penny Haw provides a step-by-step guide to help you meet and exceed the expectations of your new client. 

The benefits of coworking

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Is coworking for you? Safrean Meneesha Govender looks at the pros and cons of shared workspaces. 

Freelancing: looks easy, but is it?

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Safrean Robyn Thekiso sheds some light on the reality of freelancing, offering up some important advice to consider before you take the plunge.

10 Ways to prepare for the taxman

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admin finance invoicing tax

In reality, being ready for the taxman means taking the time to prepare in advance. Here are 10 easy ways to do this.

SAFREA comments on proposed BBBEE codes

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SAFREA prepared a submission to the Department of Trade and Industry's draft Marketing Advertising and Communication sector charter for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment industry codes.

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