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The SAFREAN: December 2016

Dear Safreans,

You are reading the final SAFREA newsletter for 2016! 

As we sign off from what has been an eventful year, to say the least, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the well-wishes on the birth of our son, Oliver. So far, it’s been a crazy happy adventure, and I know it’s just beginning!

I hope this year has been a productive one for you and that SAFREA has contributed to your successes in some way. As an organisation committed to providing advocacy and support to its members, SAFREA has become the most reliable resource for media freelancers in South Africa. My wish for next year is that we continue to feel proud of this incredible community we’ve built. 

If you know a freelancer who would benefit from joining SAFREA, consider purchasing an annual membership for them – it makes a great holiday gift. If you'd like to sponsor a new member, please get in touch with Bruce at

Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this year. I look forward to 2017 and all that it brings!

The SAFREAN: May 2018

Dear Safreans, 

We've got another newsletter jam-packed with freelance news, events and business tips, not to mention a fascinating interview with our Freelancer of the Month, Eric Miller

Enjoy the read!

P.S. If you're kicking yourself because you unsubscribed long ago and now want to get back in, or you have a friend who would benefit from our newsletter, just pop a quick email to to re-subscribe. You'll be glad you did!

The SAFREAN: May 2019

Dear SAFREA members,

On a follow-up of last month’s message of self-love, the way it impacts your service to clients as well as the income you will make, I would like to elaborate by including a wider understanding of this world we live in. I would like to share just a few ideas that I took away from a conference I attended in the USA recently. The specific session dealt with Genesis 1.
The universe is created in 1) Time 2) Space and 3) Matter.
The process of time is the BE or to become. The process of space is to DO something significant. The process of matter is to HAVE something amazing. It takes time to become the person you need to BE in order to DO the things you have to do so that you can HAVE the things you deserve.
Please click on the heading in orange to read the full message from our Chairperson, Tina Krynauw. 

The SAFREAN: December 2017

Dear Safreans,

As the year draws to a close, we'd like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. You are what this professional association is all about. Freelancing isn't easy, and having a community that understands the unique challenges can be a huge help. 

For those of you who are taking some time off to enjoy the festive season, we wish you a relaxing holiday. And for our members who are working right through, we hope that there will be at least a glass of something nice and a mince pie or two on your desk. 

This month, our awesome photographs have been provided by River Leask, a young creative from the Windy City in the Eastern Cape. If you are a photographer and want to add your work to our growing SAFREA image library, please get in touch with our social media manager, Laura Dubber

Here's to a wonderful 2018!

The SAFREAN: May 2017

Dear Safreans,

What a difference a year makes! SAFREA’s newly appointed exco met for the first time last week, and let me  just say, we’ve got plans. There’s some dynamite energy walking among us and we’re putting it all to good use. Think: a revised rates report drawing from more data for 2018, a plan to raise membership numbers, as well as a fresh focus on our social media and PR campaigns. Yes, SAFREA is running on high gear thanks to its contributing members.

Thanks also to Keith Murray and Kambani Ramano for our stunning newsletter photos this month. If you are a photographer and want to add your work to our growing SAFREA image library, please get in touch with our social media manager, Laura Dubber. To find out more about each freelancer, just click on their photo. 

Wishing you all a productive month!

The SAFREAN: April 2019

Dear SAFREA members,

What does self-love mean to you? It is the ultimate humility to think of another before you think of yourself, but there is also a false humility – a reasoning to put others before yourself to get their approval or admiration.

Here is the thing – one cannot give what you have not received. You cannot give grace for another’s mistakes if you have not received grace for your own mistakes. You cannot love another if you have not received love when you have been at your worse. In life you can be faced with situations which test you - in those moments you can decide if you are going to love or not, and if you are going to sow grace or not. What you give is what you get! 

Click on the heading in orange to continue reading SAFREA Chairperson Tina Krynauw's inspiring message about the importance of self-love in a freelance business. 

The SAFREAN: October 2018

Dear Safreans,
“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” – James Cash Penney

With newly-bolstered executive, regional and portfolio committees, SAFREA’s leadership is well positioned to guide the organisation forward in its mandate to support and advocate for media freelancers in Southern Africa.
We thank each and every committee member – past and present – for their service. If you would still like to volunteer some of your time and talent to help build SAFREA, please email with your interest in getting involved. 
Wishing you all a happy and productive month ahead!
Kind regards,
Tina Krynauw

SAFREA Interim Chair 

The SAFREAN: April 2018

SAFREA has released the SA Freelance Media Industry and Rates Report in April. A total of 397 respondents made their freelance voices heard. The report has created a stir among media professionals, and SAFREA has received several invitations for interviews.

In a nutshell, the SA freelance media sector looks like this:
  • Dominated by women (67%)
  • The majority is 30 years +
  • Most produce work for digital and online platforms
  • Many rates remain unchanged from the 2016/2017 figures
  • Average income for the majority is still less than R10 000 per month
Look out for more news and updates on the SAFREA website and social media platforms!

The SAFREAN: March 2019

Dear Safreans,
We are nearing the end of March, marking the end of the first quarter of 2019. I am, once again, reminded of how valuable time is. 
The phrase “time is money” is false. Once time slips through our fingers, it is gone forever. Money on the other hand can be replenished. Time cannot be replaced. Time with your family and loved ones is gone forever when you missed the opportunity to be present. Time is thus more valuable than money. 
We need to remove time from our income generation. There are only so many hours in a day and if we equate hours into Rands we will eventually reach a ceiling therefore capping our income level. As a freelancer we ask: “Sure, but how do I break from this invoicing model?”
Click on the heading in orange to continue reading SAFREA Chairperson Tina Krynauw's motivating message and enjoy the rest of our March newsletter.

The SAFREAN: February 2017

Dear Safreans,

Can you believe it's already February 2017? In the mad rush that is the first few weeks of the new year, I encourage you to take a few minutes to enjoy being a freelance media professional. Even if it's just one project a month that gets you smiling - take it on. Let it remind you why you got into the industry in the first place.

Like everyone else, SAFREA has had a busy start to the year. Our first annual Freelance Media Industry and Rates Report has received quite a bit of media coverage. And thanks to you, it's been shared across multiple social media platforms. Not only does this report give us the opportunity to talk about SAFREA, but it also draws attention to the realities of being in this business.

If you haven't read the full report, you can check out the press release plus all the great coverage we've received via BizCommunity, Media Update, SAFM and The Marketing Site to name a few, in our SAFREA in the News

Lastly, if you're a student member of SAFREA, please take a moment to fill out this survey, here. Your answers will help us gain valuable insights as to what you expect from SAFREA and how we can best assist you. Deadline is this Friday (10 February) so please do it today.

Looking ahead to the rest of this year, we hope to continue getting the SAFREA name out there, to bring in new members and to support the freelance industry. That said we want to say thanks to you - we appreciate all that you do as members to make SAFREA a great organisation.

Here's to a productive and enjoyable month!

The SAFREAN: February 2019

Dear Safreans,

I am fascinated by the diversity of our tribe and how complete opposites coexist. Different beliefs can lead to division and strife when different opinions are expressed, but I am always blown away by the Safrean loyalty demonstrated when a fellow “brother” or “sister” is insulted by an “inside-troll.”
Nonetheless, that is part of life, right? What reward is there if you can only love the lovable and not love your enemies the same? According to Luke 6, that is our challenge, and I want to salute everyone who has been able to do that!
Let’s make a positive impact
On the Safrean Google group a spirit of support and encouragement is evident when a member shares a current experience with all who form part of the discussion. The Google group helps us find solutions to possible problems we might encounter and makes life a little easier for all of us.
I want to invite you to take some time to share your knowledge and strengths with your fellow Safreans, to add value to the communication platform and make a positive impact in this organisation. 
Future plans
Moving forward, there are several fantastic ideas, strategies and plans to add more value to you, our members. We are excited about all the new plans we dreamed up at our strategy session that was held last year. We cannot wait to start implementing and sharing these with you. Watch this space.

The SAFREAN: April 2017

Dear Safreans, 

This week marks the start of our regional AGMs, which means you will have either already received an annual report from your regional chair or can expect one soon. Then, stay tuned for our national AGM, which commences on 27 April and ends on 30 April.     

Want to get involved in SAFREA? There's still time. The deadline to volunteer or nominate a member to serve on Exco is 17 April. Simply email your interest or nominee's name to Bruce at     

Remember, volunteers are the backbone of SAFREA. They help strengthen our association and bring positive change. Our membership numbers are growing, as is our reputation. To keep this up, we need your help!   

I’m looking forward to the great energy and added value of our new regional and executive committee members.

Wishing you all a great AGM and a productive April!     

The SAFREAN: February 2018

Dear Safreans,

To say that February flew by is probably an understatement for most. On our side, we've been busy revamping the SAFREA website (a work in progress), getting ready for the AGM and - most excitingly - launching our 2017/2018 Rates Survey. 

If you haven't filled out the survey yet, please take a few minutes to do so. Your contribution is a valuable part of helping freelancers get paid what they're worth. Plus, you stand a chance of scooping a year's free SAFREA membership!

As we head into the third month of the year, we're pleased to announce two fabulous events to help keep that freelance ball rolling - we hope to see you there!

Before we go any further, though, huge thanks to this month's featured member, Natalie Field, for our beautiful newsletter images. Simply scroll down to find out more about this creative. 

If you are a photographer and would like to share your work here or on our social media platforms, get in touch with our social media manager, Laura Dubber

Wishing you all a marvellous March!

The SAFREAN: September 2016

Dear Safreans,

I’m feeling quite energised from this past month which saw some great SAFREA initiatives being actioned. As our organisation begins to make waves, I want to be sure you’re all aware of the part you play in the success we’re seeing. There's enthusiasm geared towards regional events and a sense of pride around our organisation as a whole. I'm thrilled to say it's really starting to have a positive effect!

See what we've been up to in the September issue of The SAFREAN!

The SAFREAN: October 2017

Dear Safreans,

Change is afoot! The electoral process is ongoing, but our new Exco and Oversight committees should be inaugurated and in action within the next couple of weeks. We trust that they will help guide SAFREA forward into a world of new possibilities in 2018. Watch this space for updates.

If you haven't yet followed SAFREA on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn or Instagram, we'd like to encourage you to do so. Our social media team keep the platforms buzzing with freelancing news and tips - and it's a great way to engage with your fellow Safreans. Plus, every Wednesday we showcase work by members - helping boost your reach. If you have something worth sharing, send it over and we'll see what we can do!

Special thanks to Alec Smith for our awesome newsletter photos this month. If you are a photographer and want to add your work to our growing SAFREA image library, please get in touch with our social media manager, Laura Dubber

Wishing you all a productive October.

The SAFREAN: January 2018

Dear Safreans,
We hope that January has been treating you and your freelance career splendidly so far! 

At SAFREA this year, we'll be working hard to get freelancing in Southern Africa the recognition – and reward – it deserves. On that note, we'd like to ask for your help with our 2017/2018 SA Freelance Media Industry & Rates Survey. We'll be sending out details soon.

We understand the challenges that come with freelancing, so we'll be setting up events and spaces where you can find the support you need for sustained success. We're looking forward to sharing these with you over the next 12 months. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter account to find out what's happening near you.

This month, our awesome newsletter photographs have been provided by Kim Stevens. If you are a photographer and would like to add your work to our growing SAFREA image library, please get in touch with our social media manager, Laura Dubber. It's a great way to introduce a wide audience to your skills.

Let's make 2018 the Year of the Freelancer!

The SAFREAN: March 2017

Dear Safreans,

Our April AGM is fast approaching, which is an exciting time for SAFREA. We will be electing new regional and executive committee members - and we want you to get involved.

SAFREA is built on the passion of its volunteers. This is your chance to join the team, and help our organisation grow even more in 2017. If you're interested in getting involved - or you know a member who you'd like to nominate, please get in touch. For regional committee volunteers, you can contact your local chair here. For executive volunteers, please get in touch with me or Bruce
Now that the year is in full swing, we are happy to report that our membership is growing - and that includes student members. In efforts to better understand how we can serve our younger members, we've recently conducted a student survey. The results show the next generation of freelancers to be highly motivated and enthusiastic. Great news! We want to continue to foster this attitude with a mentorship programme for student members. Those interested in taking part and sharing your skills and experiences should email me directly.
I hope you are looking ahead with great enthusiasm at this next year with SAFREA. Here's to a fruitful March!

The SAFREAN: July 2018

Dear SAFREA members,

I am relieved and excited that Exco is finally constituted. Our team is eager to begin the real work in advocating for our members and exploring ways in which we can bring more value to your SAFREA membership. Our new committee, while smaller than we would have liked, is made up of members who are dedicating unpaid hours to an often exhausting job.

Since January, Exco has been determined to maintain an open-door policy but I am concerned that members have not taken us up on this in a constructive manner. Nevertheless, Exco remains committed to transparency, building our membership, kicking off our mentorship programme and looking at new partnerships and collaborations that will be of benefit to members.


Meneesha Govender


The SAFREAN: September 2017

Dear Safreans,

We are so grateful to everyone for contributing their time and energy for the betterment of this organisation's future. With your help, we've established new regional committees across the country as well as a strong national social media team. We're looking forward to this exciting next chapter full of creative energy. To all of the 41 members who have put their hands up to volunteer (nearly 1 in 10 SAFREA members), we say a big THANK YOU!

Thanks also to Eric Miller and Kim Stevens for our stunning newsletter photos this month. If you are a photographer and want to add your work to our growing SAFREA image library, please get in touch with our social media manager, Laura Dubber. To find out more about each freelancer, just click on their photo. 

Here's to a fulfilling September!


The SAFREAN: March 2018

Dear Safreans,

SAFREA is close to our hearts and Exco strives to ensure this is an organisation where professional freelancers are comfortable to ask questions on any aspect of work, learn from each other, brag a bit about their great work, and vent if they need to.

We strive to be inclusive and transparent, steadfast in the belief that it is the privilege of each Safrean to help build the organisation you want to be a part of.

After a tumultuous year, we are fast approaching the annual general meeting and election of office-bearers. This year, in the interests of transparency and fairness, Exco implemented an online nominations, elections and AGM process, with the assistance of veteran Safrean Lynne Smit. The aim is to get more members to participate in the decision-making processes of the organisation. Judging from our first round of elections to the Oversight Committee, it has been a success. The next round of meetings and elections happen at regional level and then we have our AGM. Please use this opportunity to be heard and to vote for the members who you feel could make a difference.

By this time next month, once all processes are completed, we hope SAFREA will continue to grow as a champion for freelancers. It may just be that the best is yet to come. 

The SAFREAN: November 2016

Dear Safreans,
I imagine we're all in the same freelancing boat here, rushing around trying to chase down what's left of this year.

Even though there are just a few short weeks left of the year, I'm pleased to be able to say that SAFREA continues to grow:

Our membership numbers are up, our event attendance is improving and Safreans are getting noticed! By the way, if you haven't read SAFREA member James Oatway's interview with our new partner Media Update in their newsletter, be sure to check our SAFREA in the News section below. James was recently awarded the Mohamed Amin Photographic Award at the 2016 CNN Multichoice African Journalist Awards! 

We have some great end-of-year regional events that you should definitely mark in your calendar – remember, these events provide a fantastic opportunity for you to network and find possible new work for 2017. We also have a couple great reviews of recent regional events that you can catch up on if you missed out. See more info below.

Also, be sure to read SAFREA's latest press release that rejects calls made by media outlets for 'volunteer' writers. 

And keep an eye out for SAFREA's first annual SA Freelance Industry & Rates Report, which will be released in the new year. The report looks deeper into the media freelance industry and just how much employers are paying for our services.

I'm sure everyone is feeling pretty tired and trampled on and ready for vacation, but we don't have long to go now. Here's to one last push, Safreans. Happy November!

The SAFREAN: August 2017

Dear Safreans,

Interim elections are coming up, and SAFREA needs your participation and support! 

  • Should you wish to serve on your regional committee or nominate another member to do so, please email Bruce before noon on Monday, 14 August 2017.
  • To view and read members' profiles in your region, type your region's name in the search box here.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our member spotlight, upcoming coffee dates and recent write ups below.

Thanks to Craig Strachan for our stunning newsletter photos this month. If you are a photographer and want to add your work to our growing SAFREA image library, please get in touch with our social media manager, Laura Dubber. To find out more about each freelancer, just click on their photo. 

The SAFREAN: June 2017

Dear Safreans,

As we move through June, I want to encourage collaboration within our association. By working together as a community, I know we can make SAFREA great. 

That means getting in touch if you have ideas, reaching out if you have questions or concerns, and letting me know if you come across any issues such as bugs on the website, problems with the Google group or just need a friend to laugh/cry/celebrate with!

Feel free to email me at

Special thanks to Kim StevensAlec Smith, and Eric Miller for their photo contributions in this month's newsletter. If you'd like to take part in our SAFREA social media library, please get in touch with our social media manager, Laura Dubber. To find out more about each freelancer, just click on their photo.

The SAFREAN: June 2019

Dear Safreans,

Agility is a key component of sports and physical activities. It is the ability to move and change direction and position of the body quickly and effectively while under control. It requires quick reflexes, coordination, balance, speed and correct response to the changing situation.
As freelancers and business people we need to develop agility as a competitive advantage. It is the quality that allows a business to embrace market and operational changes as a matter of routine. It is the key ingredient we need to succeed today. We must adapt, move quickly and set the pace. We must constantly innovate and respond to a changing environment. Let’s put agility at the top of our agenda by shaking off the herd mentality, challenging the old dinosaurs and act now.

Click on the title in orange to read more about adapting to the changes around you.


The SAFREAN: October 2016

Dear Safreans,
I can't believe how fast this year is flying by. What a privilege it is to continue to be able to write about SAFREA's achievements on a monthly basis. I hope you'll take a minute to read about all that we've been up to.

I'm excited to announce that we have an official 'legal partner' at SAFREA. Legalese, a South African creative legal agency, provides packages for freelancers that cover consultation, terms of engagement (i.e. contracts and other legal advice/documents), as well as IP protection consultation and strategy. They also produce content on freelance-relevant legal topics and support:. We're looking forward to what this partnership will mean for SAFREA members. Keep an eye out for developments as things heat up! 

SAFREA members have been hard at work finalising our new Rates Card with the support of SAFREA executive committee member, Bazil Raubach. Stay tuned!

The Western Cape is putting on a great regional event this month. If you're in town at the end of October, you won't want to miss our #PitchThisStory event in Langa. Check out the details in our 'upcoming events' section, below. Also, see our 'SAFREA in the news' section to read our press release on the event.

If you're scratching your head, wondering who's behind all these great initiatives, it's time to realise the truth: it ain't Santa.

Guys! It's SAFREA members, just like you and me, volunteering their time to move this association forward. So, if you'd like to kick you relationship with SAFREA up a notch, we encourage you to speak to your regional committees to see how you can become more active as a member. And, if you're keen to join your regional committee, get in touch with them. I know they'd love to have you. See the list of regional committee members, here.

Remember, SAFREA is exactly what WE put into it.
Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to another groundbreaking month for all SAFREA freelancers.

The SAFREAN: August 2018

Dear SAFREA members,
There’s much to be said about the amplification of ‘the man on the street’ on social media. Good or bad, these platforms give rise to voices that would, ordinarily, be unheard. Societal ills such as gender inequality, patriarchy and mental illness are just a few that have been highlighted on the public agenda.
As freelancers, we’re particularly prone to isolation, which can be a breeding-ground for anxiety, stress and depression. We’re also very likely to get ‘lost in translation’ as we negotiate our flexibility across digital channels. The written word, which we rely heavily on, is often stripped of nuance, emotion and an opportunity to negotiate or placate in real time.
This month, I would like to send out a call to all of us to use our association to build and support each other. If you’ve never attended one of our coffee clubs, do make an effort to join us as we put faces to the names we often see online. I believe that this builds camaraderie and enables relationships that go a long way in creating a sustainable organisation. And if you can’t attend, then reach out via phone or whichever channel suits you.
Meneesha Govender

The SAFREAN: June 2018

Dear Safreans,

We've officially crossed the halfway mark for 2018 and although the temperatures have been low, our productivity levels have been sky high! June was a busy month for SAFREA, with a number of networking opportunities and events taking place. Read all about them in our June newletter and diarise the events coming up in a city near you! This month, we feature Liz Bharo as our Freelancer of the Month! 

We love celebrating our talented members so if you'd like to be interviewed for one of our upcoming features, please get in touch with Anneline:

Enjoy the read!

The SAFREAN: July 2017

Dear Safreans,

Now more than ever we need to stand united as an organisation to support and advocate for the rights and freedoms of media freelancers in Southern Africa. SAFREA condemns the recent harassment of Business Day editor Tim Cohen and editor-at-large, Peter Bruce, and defends the recent lobbying efforts by Academic and Non-Fiction Authors in South Africa (ANFASA) and the South African Guild of Actors (SAGA) regarding concerns about the new Copyright Amendment Bill. We are in this fight together, and must support each other and our partners in strengthening our industry's future!

Thanks to Kim Stevens and Eric Miller for our stunning newsletter photos this month. If you are a photographer and want to add your work to our growing SAFREA image library, please get in touch with our social media manager, Laura Dubber. To find out more about each freelancer, just click on their photo. 

Here's to a month full of unity and growth!

The SAFREAN: November 2017

Dear Safreans,

The year may be drawing to a close, but there's still a lot happening at SAFREA. First and foremost, allow us to introduce our newly-elected Executive and Oversight Committees, who were inaugurated in mid-October.

We are confident that Ravin, Stephen and the rest of the team will steer SAFREA into exciting new waters and thank them for making time to take on these new roles. 

Special thanks also to the talented Natalie Field for our beautiful newsletter photos this month. Some of you may have spotted Natalie at the Photo & Film Expo in Joburg a couple of weeks ago, where she gave an informative talk.

If you are a photographer and want to add your work to our growing SAFREA image library, please get in touch with our social media manager, Laura Dubber

Wishing you all a super-charged November!

The SAFREAN: November/December 2018

Dear Safreans,
On 8 November, the executive, oversight and sub-committees came together for a full-day strategy meeting in Johannesburg. It was an incredible opportunity for SAFREA's leadership to get to know each other better and work together, which has led to us finding creative ways to overcome challenges and make the most of new opportunities for the organisation. A big thank you to our executive administrator, Thea Aboud, for facilitating this fruitful day, the results of which are documented in the new Business Implementation Framework that will guide SAFREA for the next five years. We look forward to sharing this with members as soon as it is finalised. 

We are excited about our collective future and eager to start implementing some great new ideas, all of which are geared towards growing SAFREA and offering even more value to you, our members.

We wish you all a wonderful festive season and hope that you have time to rest, relax and recover ahead of the new year.

Season's greetings,

Tina Krynauw
SAFREA Interim Chair 

The SAFREAN: August 2016

Dear Safreans,
I have to say I'm feeling pretty proud to have my name next to SAFREA these days. I hope you are too. With our new logo and updated website, we're working hard to bring our organisation into the limelight. We want to make SAFREA the first place South African media freelancers turn for advocacy and support. With your help, we're growing SAFREA into an association of the future. So, please, share regional and national events with your friends and colleagues.

Remember, SAFREA is run by volunteers, and we're always interested in finding ways to improve what we do. Please get in touch with us if you have comments or questions – we take all of our members' input seriously!

In the meantime, have a look at the great highlights we're sharing in the August edition of The Safrean!

SAFREA is a Registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 114-297).
PBO 930049795