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Legal and tax issues affect all freelancers, but many don't know where to begin in protecting themselves and their work.

SAFREA provides support on these issues, through partnership with Legalese, a legal agency which specialises in the needs of freelancers and creative professionals.

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Legal and tax services for freelancers

Being a freelancer comes with unique legal and tax risks that need specialised attention. Legalese is a creative legal agency that gives you exactly that. They offer comprehensive freelance-specific packages at a discounted rate just for SAFREA members. 

The legal side to sharing ideas

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When you have a great idea, you want to tell everyone about it. But that doesn't always work out so well, especially when you don't have the proper contracts and agreements in place. Legalese examines the case of Kenneth Makate and Vodacom, to show how freelancers can protect their ideas.

Freelancers and tax: 8 things you need to consider

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For the regular nine to fivers, a paycheck arrives every month with a neatly deducted amount and SARS is magically paid up. For a freelancer, life is a different story. Legalese gives SAFREA's freelancers a list of the most common tax issues they should be aware. 

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