Legal and tax advice

Legal and tax issues affect all freelancers, but many don't know where to begin in protecting themselves and their work.

SAFREA provides support on these issues, through partnership with Legalese, a legal agency which specialises in the needs of freelancers and creative professionals.

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Commission acceptance letter

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When accepting a commission from an editor or agency, you may want to get the terms and conditions in writing. Use this template to clarify assignment details, as well as copyright, usage, kill fees and rejection issues.


10 Ways to prepare for the taxman

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In reality, being ready for the taxman means taking the time to prepare in advance. Here are 10 easy ways to do this.

Tax tips for freelancers


"Scary". "Confusing". "Makes me feel stupid". "I need to be a bit more clever about it". If you've ever had any of these thoughts in relation to tax, you are not alone. 

Using the small claims court to get paid

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Sending a letter of demand requesting for the amount owed to be paid within 14 days, "or else" is often enough to persuade an overdue debtor to pay up. If not, you may have to go to small claims court. Here are a few pointers for going this route to get paid.

Legal and tax services for freelancers

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Being a freelancer comes with unique legal and tax risks that need specialised attention. Legalese is a creative legal agency offering comprehensive freelance-specific packages at a discounted rate for SAFREA members. 

SAFREA comments on proposed BBBEE codes


SAFREA prepared a submission to the Department of Trade and Industry's draft Marketing Advertising and Communication sector charter for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment industry codes.

Sample photographer contract

Once a photographer understands the terms and conditions in a standard contract, they can begin to draft their own. Here, find a sample contract that can be adapted for each individual freelance photographer's needs.

Draft contracts for various media services

SAFREA member Gwen Watkins has shared draft contracts for media services ranging from PR and events to copywriting, training and more. These serve as a great template for freelancers to adapt as their own business requires.  

Be contract terminology savvy

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There are a few notable terms you should be familiar with when creating a freelance contract or formal acceptance of a commission. Here's an overview of what you should know.

Understanding terms and conditions in a photographer's contract


Photographers may spurn the idea of written contracts to protect their work. However, having protections in place can protect a them and their work from exploitation. Here, SAFREA explains the important terms and conditions that should exist in all photographers' contracts or Terms of Agreement.

What to consider when writing costing quotes

Andrew Pittaway outlines important points for photographers to consider when preparing costing quotes for a client. 

Taxed at source explained

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Clarification and documentation for members wishing to avoid being taxed at source, with emphasis on explaining how a freelancer's relationship with any particular client is determined.

Freelancers and tax: 8 things to consider

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For regular nine to fivers, a monthly paycheck arrives with a neatly deducted amount and SARS is magically paid up. For a freelancer, it's a different story. Legalese highlights the most common tax issues SAFREA members should be aware of. 

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