Legal and tax services for freelancers

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Every freelancer is a small business owner. And with every business, there is an element of risk attached. Your clients may not pay, your brand needs protection, your work may be stolen. These risks aren't overly complex for freelancers, but they do have to be managed.
Legalese is a creative legal agency which specialises in assisting freelancers, musicians and start-ups with their legal requirements - in an approachable way at an affordable price.
If your passion has become your business and your business has turned into your livelihood, then there are certain basics you may need to put in place to ensure things run smoothly. Legalese speak the language of creation and law and can help. 
Legalese offers specific packages geared toward freelance needs. And they offer a discounted rate to SAFREA members.
Freelancers package:

Consultation                                                                   Free
Terms of engagement                                                    R2,500
IP protection & business risk strategy (3 hours)            R1,500
TOTAL                                                                           R4,000

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