Next generation freelancers: SAFREA 2017 student survey

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In February 2017, we conducted a survey of our 44 student members to find out what they need from SAFREA. Seventeen students responded. 

The results show our student members to be a very self-aware and motivated group. They know what they want and just need guidance on how to get there. They are exploring freelancing as an avenue for self-actualisation. 

Question 1: Why did you join SAFREA

Figure 1: Why did you join SAFREA?

The majority of students displayed an interest in networking with people who can help them once they have completed their studies.

Question 2: What is the main reason that you are considering freelancing as an option right after you complete your studies? 

Figure 2: Why are you considering freelancing?

Students display an amount of concern about finding a job once they finish their studies, which makes up the majority of the responses received. However, the remainder of the responses indicate that they are self-aware and want to build a career that caters to their unique personality and skill set. None of the respondents chose the “I have no idea what I want to do” option as the main reason for considering freelancing.

Question 3: Do you want a mentor? If yes, what do you want to be mentored in?

Eleven of the students responded positively to this question. They would like mentorship in the following:

  • Finding story ideas, pitching and getting published (4).

  • Writing skills (3).

  • The ins and outs of freelancing (2).

  • Translation.

  • Invoicing and clients.

  • Film directing.

  • Finding the best media position for me.

  • Choosing the best University and course for my needs.

Question 4: What do you want to know the most about?

Figure 3: What do you want to know the most about?

The majority of students display an interest in how to start out as a freelancer with networking once again featuring strongly. This is followed by industry-specific topics (also in line with previous question results), personal branding and rates and fees. “Other” included information on internships, international law and business and what a director does on a daily basis.

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