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Content discovery and curation are some of the trickiest parts of social media management. If you've been involved with social media management for some time, you should already have a process in place. However, it is likely still manual and responsible for a significant chunk of your time disappearing each day.

Content selection programme Quuu has the potential to change this by providing hand-curated content suggestions from more than 50 interest categories. Getting started involves signing up, connecting your social media profiles, and selecting your areas of interest.

Quuu offers four price plans that cap off at $30/month, with the free plan allowing you to select five interest categories and two content suggestions daily. If you sign up using your Buffer account, suggested content will be added to your queue automatically.

The paid plans give you access to more categories and content suggestions, plus the ability to manually approve content before it gets posted. While you can delete content before it goes live on the free plan, it won't be replaced by new suggestions, although you shouldn't find yourself deleting content regularly since the Quuu team provides high-quality suggestions. It's also worth noting that Quuu doesn't pull subject matter from prominent publications, so the content you share will be original to your audience.

When implemented poorly, automation can strip the social element from social media. Quuu, however, is not meant to replace all manual aspects of social media management, only the discovery and sharing of fresh content with the added benefit of seeing your engagement rate increase and your followers grow.    

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