An app for time management and budgeting

Cushion screenshot

Looking for a bit of wiggle room in your freelancing career? Maybe it's time to grab a cushion!

Designed by freelancers for freelancers, this app was engineered to help you manage your time, plan breaks, budget for spending and avoid overbooking yourself.

Cushion promises to make it easy to schedule and plan your entire year, leaving space for when you're busy and showing availability when you're not. The app also automatically shifts monthly targets to stay on task in reaching your annual financial goals. Client payment patterns are recorded using the invoicing feature. Finally, track your time using a customisable approach that suits your needs, not someone else's.  

Switch to Cushion and feel confident knowing you can integrate your other tools so nothing is lost. The app is available from $5 a month. The best part? Cushion is so new that the app founder is directly in touch with you when you visit the site to answer any questions. That's pretty neat.

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