Draft contracts for various media services

The below draft contracts are available as documents in .docx (MS Word) format. To download a document, left click the link and select your local download target folder. To view the document in your browser, right click and select "open in a new tab".  Be sure to adapt the contract to your own circumstances and relevant hourly or other rates.

Please note: the use of these documents is at your own risk and SAFREA does not gurarantee the legal accuracy or applicability of the documents concerned to your specific business circumstances.

Available contracts for download are:

1.Pro-forma contract for Event PR Services.

2. Pro-forma contract for Conference Reportage and Speaker Management.

3. Draft Client Proposal and Contract for PR Services.

4. Draft Writer's Proposal and Contract for Copywriting.

5. Draft Training Proposal for Training.

6. How to work out your freelance hourly rate - Method for calculating hourly charge.

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