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Dear Safreans

SAFREA is close to our hearts and Exco strives to ensure this is an organisation where professional freelancers are comfortable to ask questions on any aspect of work, learn from each other, brag a bit about their great work, and vent if they need to.

We strive to be inclusive and transparent, steadfast in the belief that it is the privilege of each Safrean to help build the organisation you want to be a part of.

After a tumultuous year, we are fast approaching the annual general meeting and election of office-bearers. This year, in the interests of transparency and fairness, Exco implemented an online nominations, elections and AGM process, with the assistance of veteran Safrean Lynne Smit. The aim is to get more members to participate in the decision-making processes of the organisation. Judging from our first round of elections to the Oversight Committee, it has been a success. The next round of meetings and elections happen at regional level and then we have our AGM. Please use this opportunity to be heard and to vote for the members who you feel could make a difference.

By this time next month, once all processes are completed, we hope SAFREA will continue to grow as a champion for freelancers. It may just be that the best is yet to come.


KwaZulu-Natal gets creative

KwaZulu-Natal held a highly successful Creative Immersion event at Keyline Digital Design College in Durban on Wednesday, 7 March 2018.

The event attracted over 40 freelancers who spent the afternoon engaging with industry experts, connecting with each other, and laying the groundwork for creative collaborations to come.

The attendees were addressed by freelance and industry experts, including veteran freelancer and SAFREA member, Patricia McCracken, Shaun Dutton from FirstView Media, Melissa Naidoo from Keyline and SAFREA KZN chairperson, Meneesha Govender.

Gauteng South Coffee Club


The first Gauteng South coffee club this year took advantage of the last few days of summer at Moyo Zoo Lake on Tuesday, 20 March 2018. The picturesque setting was the backdrop for a lively chat among like-minded freelancers. It’s always good to connect one-on-one and share the lived experiences of the gig economy. Our next session will be scheduled after the AGM. 





Eugene Yiga
There is this guy on the SAFREA Google group who posts a link to an interesting and useful web page every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. His name is Eugene Yiga and he is a prolific writer. We sent him some questions to get to know him better, and this is what he said:

Your email signature says you have an Excellence in Journalism award. Tell us more about it.
This is an annual award given by the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association. I was their first South African member when I joined in 2014 (feel free to use me as a reference if you’re interested in joining!) and submitted a travel feature on Game of Thrones that they chose as winner.
In the bio on your blog you say you studied finance and accounting. But you were clearly more interested in writing and reading. Why did you study finance? 
I showed a strong aptitude for numbers so it seemed like a good choice for me at the time. But even though I don’t use these skills actively in my full-time career, they’ve been useful for handling the business side of my writing work.
I missed the title of the book you wrote. What is it called and how can we get our hands on it?
It was called “Work in Progress” and isn’t available online anymore. Much of the content made its way into my personal development writing, which I continue to share daily on my new Patreon page.

You are a prolific writer on a wide range of topics. What are your favourite topics?  
I love writing profiles on interesting people. Over the years, I must have interviewed over a hundred inspiring individuals so far: from Grammy-winning musicians and multinational CEOs, to celebrated fashion designers and the world’s best chefs. I love learning about their lives and sharing that in a way that others can find valuable.
Do you have favourite pieces you've written? Do you have links to them?  
I’ve published close to 800 articles in the last nine years so it’s hard to pick favourites. But they’re all available online in my newsletter archives for anyone who wants to explore.
You read a lot. What are the five absolute best books you've ever read? 
Also, a hard question given how many I’ve read as part of my quest (about 250 books so far in the last decade). I did an interview a while back about some of my favourites.
What is your life/work motto? 
It’s either “hell yes!” or “no”. Anything that doesn’t excite you isn’t worth working on, at least not for the long term.

In your bio you tell about the two “classics” you’ve written when you were a child. Are you willing to share an excerpt or two from “The Hungry Chef” or “The Spooky Pound”? “Downtown there’s a spooky old pound, for every sly hound that can be found.”

If you want to know more, Eugene has a rather comprehensive description of his reading and writing on his blog,



At SAFREA, we're always on the lookout for time-saving tricks and business insights to help our members take their careers to the next level. 

This month, we're taking a look at submitting professional-looking quotes. Dave Henderson gives tips on how to make potential clients take you seriously, based on your quote





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