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SAFREA has released the SA Freelance Media Industry and Rates Report in April. A total of 397 respondents made their freelance voices heard. The report has created a stir among media professionals, and SAFREA has received several invitations for interviews.
In a nutshell, the SA freelance media sector looks like this:
  • Dominated by women (67%)
  • The majority is 30 years +
  • Most produce work for digital and online platforms
  • Many rates remain unchanged from the 2016/2017 figures
  • Average income for the majority is still less than R10 000 per month
Look out for more news and updates on the SAFREA website and social media platforms. 
MADEX 2018
Robyn Thekiso represents SAFREA

If Wi-Fi is the new currency and mobility is the new black, then freelancing is the vanguard of a new business order. As technology continues to transform ahead of the economy, traditional business models struggle to adapt to the growth potential of an independent work base. Robyn Thekiso will unpack thedrive behind freelancing and how this is impacting the future of the global economy.

Make sure you attend Robyn's talk and join us for a mass Coffee Club event afterwards - representing as many regions as possible!
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4 May, 10:00Gauteng North Coffee Club, Industrial Coffee Works, Centurion

16 May, 10:00Gauteng South Coffee Club, Mzansipreneur Reading Room, Norwood


Johara Mansura
Johara Mansura is a multidisciplinary designer who has worked as a multimedia specialist, acontent creator for big brands at agencies, and a web designer. She has been freelancing since she was a student. We asked her a few questions on her work.

What does it mean to be a multimedia specialist? What do you do?
Traditionally, it means that I have skills across different media (in my case, design, illustration, animation, photography, photo editing and video), and can both create content using them, as well as advise my clients about what would serve them best in achieving goals (for the most part in marketing, etc.). 
For me, however, what that means is that I have and have always had almost an obsessive thirst to know more and do more varied and diverse work. Curiosity and the need to practise and improve consistently drive me to do what I do. I have been criticised for not picking one skill and “specialising” so to speak, but unfortunately I’m not a vertical growth shooter. I find it much more fulfilling to receive varied requests and maintain licence to be an overall creative. 
I understand it entails a huge variety of work, but... what do you enjoy doing most? 
This is a tough one. I think it depends on how experimental I’m being in different sectors at any given time. Towards the end of last year I illustrated a kid’s book in watercolour and since, as you’ll find in my social media, I’ve been enjoying challenging myself with that. More recently, I’ve been experimenting with design trends in bright colour, which is new for me and exciting. But I think that my overall favourite (which I don’t often get to do anymore) is creative photo editing/manipulation on portraits. My artistic side finds humans fascinating and my design side seeks to portray, or rather project, their inner worlds in a more literal way. 
Can we see your work anywhere?
@bobtasia on Instagram where I put up new personal work as it happens, my Facebook page Bobtasia, which contains a huge body of past work in photography and digital art and my Behance portfolio.
You have been freelancing since you were a student. What does freelancing mean to you?
Freelancing is both freedom and the hardest work you’ll ever do all at the same time. For a good many years it was a struggle that drove me to find a stable job that wasn’t “emotionally abusive”. After I worked in industry for a while though, I realised that the only time it becomes that way is when you let it, and when you don’t take yourself and your time seriously enough to know their worth. Know what you are and are not willing to put up with, be frank and sunny at the same time and it can be great! 
What do you do to relax? Any hobbies?
Both my husband and I laughed at this. I’m not sure I do “relax” at all. I’m calmest when working and when not working, I do the same things as I do for work, for fun. I have one Turkish historical drama that I love but other than that don’t really care for television. I’m Muslim, so I make time for spirituality. I also keep fit through yoga. 
You have been successful at a relatively young age and you are clearly highly skilled. What are your future career plans? 
Thank you, but I’m not sure what the measure of success is at this point! For the near future, I’m hoping get my website sorted soon. One’s own work always takes a back seat. I also hope to secure a few good retainer clients in the next few months, but other than that I hope to keep challenging myself, keep improving and bettering my service.  
Thanks Johara. Love your work! 

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