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Robyn Thekiso, our Gauteng South Chairperson and member of Exco, represented SAFREA on the MADEX stage on 6 June this year. She spoke about the future of freelancing in a business world that is not adapting as fast as technology. Her talk resonated with many freelancers, prospective freelancers and even potential clients for freelancers. 
These are some of her key points:
  • Global trends indicate an increase in freelancing. 
  • South Africa has unacceptably high unemployment levels and low entrepreneurial activity - it's imperative that business changes its models and the way in which it interacts with the freelancing community.
  • On the topic of business, freelancers should understand that they are businesses and brands. 
  • In addition, freelancers need to network and build connections. This is where they can benefit from membership of an organisation like SAFREA.
  • SAFREA conducts the annual SA Freelance Media Industry & Rates Report to monitor the freelancing sector in Southern Africa; it's a start and we hope to grow it year on year.
Look out for more news and updates on the SAFREA website and social media platforms. 
On 12 June, Gauteng South and North welcomed Arthur Goldstuck of World Wide Worx and Bradley Elliott of Continuon to tell us more about their latest research. 
This study, called #OnlyConnect2018 - The power of brand influencers, changes the way a brand's social media influence is measured. Instead of focusing on clicks and engagement on social media platforms, brands should identify their influencers. An influencer can be anyone who sparks online conversations about a brand. You can download the insightful report here.    

6 July, 10:00Gauteng North Coffee Club, Industrial Coffee Works, Centurion

18 July, 10:00: Gauteng South Coffee Club, Standard Bank Incubator, 5 Cradock Avenue, Rosebank. Tiffany Markman will share her insights on mastering the freelance mentality.


Liz Bharo

This month we're getting to know another photographer. No, wait... she does a lot of things... Liz Bharo may be young, but she is highly skilled!
You’re first and foremost a photographer. Have you always known you wanted to be a photographer? What did you study? 
I always knew that I would be in a creative field. I started my studies in fine art, and fell in love with photography. At the back of my mind fine art was fulfilling enough, so I transitioned into the humanities, studying social anthropology and visual art history. I also studied graphic design and UX design. I would say I am more of an art director/brand strategist with a unique skillset in photography and design. My photography is always headed by brand knowledge – I no longer take images for beauty’s sake, but to represent brands and people authentically.
And then life took a few twists and turns before you started your photography business? What were some key moments or insights? 
I fell into marketing, as employers at the time liked that I had a broad skillset: I had an understanding of subjects in humanities and I could design. One major key insight was that I loved working for myself. While I was permanently employed I took on smaller photography jobs on the weekends. It was empowering to work for myself.
Apart from being a photographer and brand strategist, you are also a ... 
… graphic designer, creativity coach and film-maker.
How do you manage to get all of this done? You have two businesses (Liz Bharo(photography) and Ostara), a YouTube channel and you also present courses. A time management tip or two would be greatly appreciated. 
I have an administrative tick – I am highly organised. I make a to-do list every morning with priorities at the top of the list, and work step by step down the list. This allows me to manage myself to be efficient. As the saying goes, are you busy or productive?
How do you feel about where you are professionally? Do you still have big plans? Are you satisfied with where you are? 
Is there a thing as professional satisfaction? Just jokes. I am definitely on the path I feel I should be on. And content with it. However, I have many dreams and directions I would like to follow and implement. One of my core values is that I believe in continuous growth and that keeps me on my toes professionally.
What does SAFREA mean to you? 
SAFREA means community. In the short time that I have been active (and active is one of the key words here), I have met strong business owners who support me and whom I would like to support in return. And that is something that is invaluable. Additionally the talks and platform are educative; I always learning something new.
How do you see the freelancing landscape developing? 
I see more people entering the freelancing landscape and entrepreneurial space, as it's an empowering space to be in. With more entrepreneurs developing, more creative freelancers will be used to make those businesses effective. I also see more younger people entering the freelancing landscape, as the current generation makes the decision to be self-fulfilled a lot quicker than previous generations did.
Sorry for putting you in a box... but you are a millennial. And some of us older ones have become fascinated with how millennials think, so I have three questions for the millennial. 
LOL, you are not the only one. I am obsessed with millennial thinking too! And Gen Z!
What makes you angry? Bullying and abuse in the workplace.
What makes you smile? People who are empowered and content, good food, listening to the ocean, and my energetic and playful dog Diesel.  
Name three things you cannot do without. My furry children, nature and a good book (I can’t just choose three, so four will have to do, as I have two furry children).
What is your work/life motto? 
Follow your heart – when you truly follow your heart, and what’s good for you, you are heading in the right direction.

Thanks for sharing, Liz!

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