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Dear SAFREA members,
What does self-love mean to you? It is the ultimate humility to think of another before you think of yourself, but there is also a false humility – a reasoning to put others before yourself to get their approval or admiration.
Here is the thing – one cannot give what you have not received. You cannot give grace for another’s mistakes if you have not received grace for your own mistakes. You cannot love another if you have not received love when you have been at your worse. In life you can be faced with situations which test you - in those moments you can decide if you are going to love or not, and if you are going to sow grace or not. What you give is what you get! 
The big change begins with your own behaviour. If you start forgiving yourself for themistakes you have made, you will become more forgiving to others. If you start loving yourself enough by granting yourself the space to put your own needs first, your emotional tank will be full enough to give to others too. However, if you are unloving towards yourself, you will probably be harsh towards others as well.
How do you test this? Ask yourself in every situation, “What would I have done if this happened to a person I love?” If your answer is any different than when it was you on the receiving end, then you have a problem with self-love. Practice by always asking yourself that question until you are loving of yourself and others equally. 
If you were more loving of yourself, you will become naturally more easy-going, less stressed and be more peaceful in difficult situations; being able to offer an overall better service to all.
Your client will pick up that you have their best interest at heart by the way you talk to them and the good service you offer them. Not only will they gladly pay you, they will also refer you - because you are such a nice guy/gal and you can eventually push up your prices. Because loyal customers who love you, will buy from you because they (1) like you (2) trust you and (3) believe in you.  
Here’s to better business rooted in balanced self-love!
Tina Krynauw, Chairperson
Our photographer
This month we are privileged to showcase travel writer 
Di Brown’s photographs. Follow her on Instagram @Roaming_Giraffe ( to see more of her work.


Among the attendees were Kimberly Mutandiro (Gauteng South Chairperson, left) and Thea Aboud (SAFREA Administrator).


Gauteng South held a very successful Speed Networking event at Big Boss Diner in Randburg on 26 March. The venue was very cozy, allowing members to relax and chat away.

They shared innovative ideas over coffee and delicious eats. One of the most interesting conversations was on the need for SAFREA to sign up more independent professionals operating from media circles. This will increase expertise in our organisation. It was interesting to note that each one of our members was an expert in their line of work. Some have excelled through contacts via SAFREA networking events.

Attendees were more than happy to share contacts with new members. Everyone parted, looking forward to what the next event will hold – to be advertised soon!



Dianne Tipping Woods is southern Africa-based, award-winning writer who tells stories about conservation, travel and development. Woods, who is based in Hoedspruit (Limpopo), describes her work as supported by a strong conceptual and practical framework, constant learning and development and, afirm grasp of the basics of ethical, evidence-based story-telling, in an African context.
Please tell us more about what you do and how long you’ve been a freelancer.
I have been freelancing full-time for 10 years. I tell stories about people and wildlife for various print and online clients.
What does a day in your life look like?
I have plenty of desk days – which involves transcribing notes, writing, researching and doing admin. But I also have incredible opportunities to travel to interesting places and meet fascinating people. I live for these assignments, with their long, intense days that often start before sunrise and end late. They fuel my work for weeks or sometimes months to come, even more so now that I have two kids and am more discerning about the stories I pitch and the jobs I take.
Where/how do you find inspiration?
I don't really like the word ‘inspiration’ because I don't think it is necessary for good journalism. There are stories everywhere, but I particularly like looking for them where different geographies, ideologies or cultures intersect.
What advice do you have for other freelancers?
Here, I can only share the advice I have been given as a freelancer: You are your own source of endless security. That is an empowering way of thinking about our work:
- Set targets (financial or other) and work back from them.
- There are no small stories or unimportant sources.
- Listen more than you talk.
How long have you been a Safrean, and why are you a member of SAFREA?
I joined soon after going freelance. I have learnt a lot from the collective wisdom shared via SAFREA's various platforms and the many journalists and media professionals I respect who are members. Starting out, being a member gave me courage to approach new editors and my profile has also helped editors find me. Some international publications who have approached me for work have said that they found it reassuring to source journalists through SAFREA.
What is your work/life motto?
I don't really have one other than do good work and don't be an a*#&*le.
See some of Dianne’s work at or follow her on Instagram @afribird
The BIG day has finally arrived this month when we loaded our 2018/19 SA freelance trends report on the SAFREA website. Please note that its rates indicator is not a rates card or SAFREA’s recommended rates - it should be considered a benchmarking guide.
This guide helps freelancers understand what others (survey respondents) in the industry are charging for different sectors and services. Always take your own experience, expertise and creative field into account when setting your individual rates.   

View the 2018/2019 SA Freelance Media Industry and Rates Report here
SAFREA is urgently looking for members with communication skills to fill its Communications portfolio. It will entail overseeing the following communication functions – website, social media, marketing, e-newsletter, media liaison and branding. 
We are also looking for members to manage these individual functions. What are the benefits? Your Return on Investment (ROI) is immeasurable – vast experience, great exposure as well as personal- and professional development.
Don’t miss this opportunity! Please contact Thea Aboud at 1 May 2019.


At SAFREA, we're always on the lookout for time-saving tricks and business insights to help our members take their careers to the next level.
This month, Safrean Renee Moodie explains why getting dressed properly is an importantEveryday habit for freelancers.




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