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Dear SAFREA members,

On a follow-up of last month’s message of self-love, the way it impacts your service to clients as well as the income you will make, I would like to elaborate by including a wider understanding of this world we live in. I would like to share just a few ideas that I took away from a conference I attended in the USA recently. The specific session dealt with Genesis 1.
The universe is created in 1) Time 2) Space and 3) Matter.
The process of time is the BE or to become. The process of space is to DO something significant. The process of matter is to HAVE something amazing. It takes time to become the person you need to BE in order to DO the things you have to do so that you can HAVE the things you deserve.
You will not send a 5-year old with your car to the mall to go shop for you right? However, you might send your teenager because he has already become capable to do it, and he can execute it with confidence. The same goes for academic achievements or work performance. There is a certain level of expectancy when it comes to other’s abilities.
The same way we can flip the coin and say: you are lacking something in your life that you desire, or you are unable to DO the things you were supposed to DO, because you have not yet BECOME the person you need to be in order to DO the things that lead to HAVING more. I had an epiphany about this - I realised that all I have to do is focus on my own personal development, and become the person I need to be so that I can create more wealth and have more. Not because I am greedy, but because I believe that I deserve better. 
If you invest in yourself, you discover more and become improved to create more. Take some time to digest this one. I hope it will be as life changing for you as it was for me.
Tina Krynauw, Chairperson
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Busani Moyo started his working life as a teacher in Zimbabwe, but his love of writing soon changed his career path. Moving to South Africa in 2007, Moyo worked in the corporate world for almost ten years - in different fields including education, learning design, training and development, and the media - before starting his own freelancing business in 2016. He has never looked back and has been a full-time freelancer since then, providing writing and editing services in different niches.
Please tell us more about what you do and how long you’ve been a freelancer.
Initially, I would have said that I am a writer. However, my exposure over the years has made me confident to say that I am an editor too. I have just taken a 12-month gig as an editor for a marketing agency based in the United States. My work with the agency involves identifying good writers and adding them to our team. I also work with the agency’s writers to help them improve their craft. I am also an editor for a British company that assists second language students from Asia studying in the West to learn to write in English. A large chunk of my work comes from a course development company based in Canada. Locally, I produce features for a company that supplies magazines and newspapers with content. I am also on the supplier database of one of the prominent universities in Johannesburg, where I edit dissertations and thesis that have been selected to be submitted to journals.    
What does a day in your life look like?
Generally, my day is spent at my desk in my office at home in Honeydew. I start work at different times of the day depending on deadlines. If I have an early morning deadline, I sometimes start working at 3 am. However, when I don't have tight deadlines my day usually begins at 9 am. I work an average of 12 hours a day almost every day. This is a reflection of the amount of work on my desk at any given time. As long as there is a paying client, I will work.   
Where/how do you find inspiration?
I am inspired by clients who give their work to me and relax. I find inspiration when a client shows that they respect my ability through involving me in making decisions about jobs I am involved with.
What advice do you have for other freelancers?
My advice to other freelancers is that freelancing is not a regular job. Many people leave the workplace and still come to create the same conditions as those in the workplace for themselves when they start freelancing. If a client pays well, forget about the weekend and do the work. Clients want people who are able to solve their problems. If a client still needs to correct mistakes from a job you have handed in, then you will not have that gig for long. Even if a client doesn't know what good work looks like, never take advantage of them by presenting half-baked work. Set the standard yourself and never submit a job below that standard. Once you have agreed to the price, you can’t then turn around and produce shoddy work with the excuse that the client is paying less. Set goals regarding how much you want to earn. Once you have a goal, your mind starts looking for ways of making that goal a reality because the brain is a creative servant.
How long have you been a Safrean, and why are you a member of SAFREA?
I have been a Safrean for three years now. I joined Safrea because I wanted to be part of a group that advocates for the needs of freelancers. I have also noticed that when I put the fact that I am a member of Safrea on my signature, clients tend to trust me more. 
What is your work/life motto?
My motto is focussing on possibilities.


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