Standards expected of Safrea members

This document outlines the aims of SAFREA, in relation to its code of conduct and expected ethical standards. Freelancers and their employers are expected to abide by these, to ensure a fair and equitable professional working relationship. SAFREA AIMS:
  • To foster professional standards and excellence from its members
  • To promote ethical conduct by freelancers and employers as embodied in the Code of Conduct Statement
  • To provide information and guidance on fair terms and conditions
  • To provide media freelancers and their employers with SAFREA Recommended Minimum Rates and Recommended Terms & Conditions
  • To encourage equally beneficial working relationships between freelancer/employer, through constructive negotiation, information exchange and agreed protocols
  • For members to produce the best possible standard of work in any given circumstance
  • For members and their employers to conduct themselves in a business like manner, adhering to good business practices


SAFREA Members agree to abide by the ethical standards as set out in this statement.

Employers who bear witness to this Best Practice Document, agree to its principles.

Ethical Conduct for the purposes of this document is defined as;

Acknowledging and upholding the just and moral rights of the freelancer and their client, as set out in a mutually agreed written contract, whose terms are fair and equitable, without diminishing the rights of the individual

  • An expectation of high moral principles when dealing with matters of conflict of interest, confidentiality, discussion of concepts/ideas, etc.
  • Willingness to negotiate a fair deal, using SAFREA’s supporting documents as a guideline:- Recommended Minimum Rates, Recommended Terms & Conditions, Copyright Guidelines
  • To produce output of the highest possible standard given the circumstance
  • To be transparent, honest and show good faith in all dealings
  • To show a willingness to address and solve problems without acrimony
  • To acquaint themselves with pertinent aspect of the law on such topics as copyright, tax, etc.
  • To inform timeously of any problems that arise, especially those involving changes in schedule or budget

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Safrea is a Registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 114-297).
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