Grammar rules on the web

Newcomers to Safrea often ask on the members-only Safrea Google group for tips on where to find good resources for editing style and grammar rules. We thought it would be worth posting one of the answers here.

If you know about other sites that you find useful, please drop us a line.

Q: I'm trying to find sites that are a good resource for grammar rules. Does anybody know any?

A: Hi Lisa,

Here are a few links I've collected over the last year or so:

Strunk, William, Jr. 1918. The Elements of Style:

Fowler, H. W. 1908. The King's English, 2nd edition:

Common Errors in English:

Notorious Confusables: Part One:

Grammar Girl blog:
Webgrammar's free tips:

Hope that helps. I particularly enjoy Grammar Girl, which seems to have quite an active following.

Kerry Simpson

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