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Company Name:Media Mule ZA
Work Phone:083 303 3535
Home Phone:083 303 3535
Cell Phone:083 303 3535
Fax Number:086 729 4535
Work Address:Box 15315
City:Vlaeberg, Cape Town
Postal Code:8018
Province:Western Cape
Country:South Africa

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Media:Consumer Magazines, Internet - Website and Blogging, Newspapers, Public Relations, Trade Publications, Books
Speciality:Columnist, Culture, Environment, General, News, Property, Travel, Profiles, Academic, Business/Finance, Consumer issues, Legal, Technical writer, Training
Profession:Copyeditor, Editor, Project Manager, Publisher, Researcher, Subeditor, Translator, Writer, Copywriter, Photojournalist, Proofreader, Journalist, Publicist, Photographer, Videographer


I practice as a media, communications and strategy specialist and have 24 years’ experience in the field of media, communications and publishing.


For the last few years I have been a full-time consultant in the RamsayMedia Custom Publishing division involved in editorial, brand building, product development, PR, communication and strategy services for the multinational automotive group Toyota Motors South Africa and Lexus South Africa as my key responsibility, working on the group’s internal and external communications programme strategies and services. Since early 2016 I also act as content and strategy partner for Gumtree South Africa and Ogilvy PR on behalf of RamsayMedia.


Under my leadership, Toyota’s corporate internal and external CRM publication and platforms have won several SA Publication Forum Awards: In 2012, Best Corporate Publication; winner for Best Design; Best External Magazine (Category A); runner-up Best Communication, and three Excellence Awards for Writing, Design and Communication. A further six awards in 2013 were for runner-up, Best External Magazine; winner Excellence in Design, Excellence in Writing and Excellence in Communication; runner-up Best Design; and Third-Best Publication Overall. The 2014 awards included winner Excellence in Design, Writing and Communication, and Finalist: Best External Magazine (Cat A). 2015 awards were for Excellence in Design, Writing and Communication, Finalist Best Corporate Publication, and 2nd Runner-up Best External Magazine (Cat A); 2016 awards for Excellence in Design, Writing and Communication.


I also act as media, PR and communications specialist, liaison officer, editor, researcher and strategist for other external clients, the RamsayMedia involvement being part of my contractual duties. For detail on these, please refer to the attached CV.


Personal attributes include proficiency in senior management and budgets, and planning, reporting and presentation skills. This naturally assumes being computer and programme proficient, including various Windows and Mac programmes (including InDesign).


While foremost an editorial person, I wish to emphasise the role and responsibilities I play in promotion, marketing, PR and communication strategies, interaction with clients on multiple levels, and presentation skills. In terms of specific performances areas I deal with editorial, graphic design, printing and photographic issues, compilation of editorials and releases, and product strategy and development on a daily basis. Dealing with numerous media partners regularly, I have a strong working relationship with many South African media houses, their publications, editors and journalists/contributors.


I have a high level of technical writing experience, work in the field of communications as my daily economic activity, and through my past automotive involvement have a high level of consumer and business background both locally and internationally.


In summary from the CV: I have a number of years’ experience at a Cape Town daily newspaper as general news reporter, a few years at internet company M-Web, six years as private media consultant at New Media Publishing, six years as specialist publisher and senior division manager, and a number of years in direct senior PR and specialist communications management services as part of my editorial custom publishing involvement, all of it inclusive of the print and the 360/multimedia environment.


Apart from a keen interest in current affairs, I have been fortunate to have travelled extensively as part of both my work responsibilities and privately (both in Africa and every other continent) and had the opportunity to be involved with a number of multinationals on their communication and brand strategies locally and abroad. I consider myself to have excellent problem-solving, organisational, time management and communication skills.


I have 24 years of experience in active media of all types. Academically I have a BA Law degree from Stellenbosch University with social sciences (Sociology and Political Science) as anchor courses (as well as part of an LL.B degree), and a diploma in Development Studies from the University of South Africa (UNISA) with Anthropology as major. I am perfectly fluent in English and Afrikaans, have some proficiency in German and a very basic understanding of written Mandarin.



CV for François Rabe



DATE OF BIRTH: 9 August 1966

NATIONALITY: South African, ID 660809 5201 087


LANGUAGES: English, Afrikaans; some German; basic Mandarin


POSTAL: Box 15315, Vlaeberg 8018 – Cape Town, South Africa



Mobile: 083 303 3535


Skype: francois-rabe




INSTITUTION:                         QUALIFICATION:                                            YEARS:

Tygerberg High School           National Matric Certificate               1984

University of Stellenbosch      Bachelor of Arts degree (BA Law)      1987 - 1989

University of Stellenbosch      LLB (not completed)                           1990 - '91

University of S.Africa (UNISA) Diploma in Development Studies     1992 - '93

(gap 1985-86: two years compulsive military service)



1992-2001: I started my media career in May 1992 as journalist at the Cape Town daily newspaper Die Burger, where I gained additional experience in the layout of pages on computer (acquiring basic DTP skill), sub-editing and seeing to some of the general technical aspects of the end product. From January of 1993, employed in the Promotions Department of the paper and responsible for supplements on a wide range of topics, among them motoring, house and home, leisure, lifestyle and travel topics. This provided the opportunity to assist the then Motoring Editor of Die Burger, which in turn lead directly to promotion to his role at a very young age when that editor retired in 1997.

Early in 1999 I joined internet service provider M-Web to establish the successful motoring site M-Web Motoring, which at the end of January 2001 was renamed Wheels24 ( This provided the opportunity to hone my skills in the business of online publishing. From the middle of 2000 I took on the added responsibility of managing the website M-Web Sport.

2001-2006: During this period I ran a private media consultancy under the name Ditto, acting as writer/copy writer, translator, photographer, advertising and marketing consultant, general content consultant, strategist/media planner and PR and communications consultant on a senior level. Client base included the following publishing houses: Naspers/Media24, New Media Publishing (NMP), Ramsay Son & Parker/RamsayMedia, Caxton, CondeNast, SchreiberFord, Picasso Headline, Wilkin Communications, VinPro, Nissan South Africa, Daimler South Africa, Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa/Premier Auto Group (PAG), and others.

2003 to the present: Director and Secretary of Tussenberge Pty Ltd., an agricultural business corporation cultivating and exporting fynbos flower products to Europe.

2006-2008: Joined RamsayMedia (then RS&P) as Deputy Editor: WIEL Magazine.

2008- 2010: Editor: WIEL Magazine and senior division manager of RamsayMedia Automotive.


  • Joined RamsayMedia Custom Publishing division as Senior Consulting Editor of business-to-business corporate titles, set to capitalise on the opportunities offered by custom publishing. Have been intimately involved in RamsayMedia’s 360 platform strategy, managing a number of these with a full print/web/digital/video/social media spectrum offering and managing a full portfolio of services to Custom/B2B clients.
  • Am key member of the strategic communications team of large multinational automotive brand Toyota Motors South Africa.
  • Judge on the panel of the SAGMJ’s Journalist of Year the competition, 2011/12/13/16.
  • Provide PR/communications/editorial services to investment body Wesgro and publishing company Tip Africa.
  • Editor and facilitator of Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press teacher’s guide and learner’s books school books programme, Grade 7, 8 and 9.
  • Recipient of several 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 SA Publication Forum awards.From 2016: Also content and strategy partner for Gumtree South Africa and Ogilvy PR on behalf of RamsayMedia.General comments: Interests: 
  • Motoring, the legal profession, travel and tourism, photography and environmental affairs. Recreational activities include swimming, paddling and hiking.
  • I have always been involved in managerial/creative affairs, from an early age at university level having been secretary of my residence House Committee, chairperson of a campus student body, member of some Student Representative Council (SRC) sub committees, etc. Public speaking, public relations, diplomacy, human knowledge and extensive organisational and managerial skills and abilities were acquired at this early age and proved a valuable asset in my later career. As consultant I have acted in an advisory capacity on a number of specific issues to many of the above-mentioned companies and institutions.
  • From 2014: Also Editor and content/platform manager of Lexus SA digizine Lexus Life.
  • I have more than 20 years’ experience in general media on a variety of levels: newspaper, magazines, web, video, radio and a variety of new media platforms
  • I have been involved in many start-ups, conceptualising and implementing from scratch, and have run and managed numerous editorial and management teams
  • I have extensive background in budgets and the general logistics of running departments/teams
  • As a consultant I have many years’ experience under a variety of economic conditions in the market. In terms of content, distribution, logistics etc. I have been exposed to a large number of institutions operating in a variety of niches
  • I have a background in both print (newspapers and magazines) and web/digital and am fully up to speed in developments on the new media platforms and the exciting new opportunities it represents, believing that in future these new media will change the way media is applied and consumed
  • As an editor, journalist, general manager and communications/PR expert I have gained years of experience in holding together teams under very demanding circumstances and know how to “shout” the right message for the best interest of any client
  • I am proficient in a number of Windows and Mac based computer programmes, including InDesign/InCopy and related

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