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Yuven is currently employed as the Executive: Stakeholder Relations and Communication at the South African Council of project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP). Prior to this he was Project Director: Communication at the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants as at 1 March 2016 until he was head hunted by the SACPCMP and left SAICA at the end of July 2016.


He served as Director: Communication and Stakeholder Relations at the newly established Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC). He supervised a team of four staff members and was tasked with setting up a Communication and Stakeholder Relations structure for the OHSC. After a brief stint there, he set up a media relations and branding initiative. He also developed content for various uses, the main area being website content development.


He also worked at the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) as a Project Manager: Communication and Marketing- Professional Development, Transformation and Growth. In line with the transformation of the profession, Yuven communicated with stakeholders, both internal and external, about transformation-related initiatives. He dealt especially with the media nationally to publicise initiatives as well as harnessing the media as an information dissemination platform. He also developed communication policies, strategies and stakeholder maps for the unit.


Yuven was previously employed by the Food, Agriculture, Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) as the Communication and Advocacy Manager. He communicated the implications of policy in agriculture and food security Africa wide. He worked mainly with SADC and COMESA countries and was tasked with dissemination of food security policy information emanating from FANRPAN’s 16 member countries and its over 50 global partners. He had successfully harnessed various electronic platforms, including social media, to achieve this goal.  Yuven has written several proposals to solicit funding for, among other initiatives, journalist training, disseminating information to key stakeholders, conceptualizing and producing innovative communication products that will have an impact in, especially, a policy environment. He also wrote documents relating to communication strategy and branding. He was the portfolio manager for a major global event, the UNFCCC - COP 17 which was held in Durban in November-December 2011 and was part of the organizing committee of Agricultural and Rural Development Day, a side event of CoP 17.


 He has engaged the media for several FANRPAN projects, notably Conservation Agriculture (South Africa) and managed the media engagement for a series of field days for the Harmonised Seed Security Project (HaSSP) held in Swaziland, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. He took charge of the FANRPAN website and kept it current and updated.


Yuven enrolled FANRPAN as a corporate member of the Agricultural Writers Association, an organization that facilitates journalist training. He has been an active member of the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA), the Black Management Forum (BMF) and the South African National Press Club, where he served as an EXCO member for a year.


Yuven spearheaded a journalist training initiative where journalists from SADC and COMESA countries were re-skilled in journalistic and reporting skills for a day, followed by in-depth reporting at a major event. At the end of the event, a newsletter was produced and distributed among journalists.


However, owing to funding challenges, Yuven’s contract ended.


Yuven Gounden devoted most of his career to teaching, mainly high school English. During his stint as an educator, he served as an Examiner (Literature Higher Grade) and as an Internal Moderator (English- Second Language). He was appointed Subject Head: English at Kimberley Boys’ High School before being appointed Copy Editor at the Water Research commission (WRC) in October 2000. Mr Gounden implemented and pioneered many Communication/PR initiatives at the WRC because such a Department did not exist there. Of importance, are his strides in media liaison as well as Ministerial liaison. He then ventured into Parliamentary liaison and today the organization boasts good relationships with two Parliamentary Portfolio Committees as well as one Select Committee.


He was employed by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as a Deputy Director: Communication from July 2008 until January 2011. He has also been responsible for successful publications such as Learning@Work, Women, Work and Learning: The impact of Violence and the SAQA newsletter, SAQA Update. He headed Communication at SAQA where he supervised three staff members in three divisions: Publications, Events and Customer Care.


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