Pieter Bruwer

Membership Number: SAF01519

Contact Details

Company Name:PCB Photo
Work Phone:0632763877
Cell Phone:0632763877
Web Address:www.pcbphoto.co.za
Secondary Web Address:
Province:Free State
Country:South Africa

Profession Details

Media:Radio, Advertising, Books, Newspapers, Internet - Website and Blogging, Public Relations, Consumer Magazines, Trade Publications, Films, Television, Social Media
Speciality:General, Business/Finance, Environment, Humour, Food
Profession:Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, DTP, Video Editor, Social Media Expert, Videographer


Pieter, head-photographer of PCB Photo, shoots a wide range of commercial, portraiture, event, wedding, band and editorial photography. He also has an extensive background in graphic design and videography. The combined skill-sets leaves his customers with creative, out-of-the-ordinary photographs and designs.


PCB Photo has done work for a variety of clients, some which include Public Relations agencies (Z PR), charities (Sunflower House and Ons Kinderhuis), social entrepreneurs (Spoudazo Enterprises), promotions agencies (Z PR), artists (Crezade and Spontaan) and corporate clients (South African Breweries, PC Bruwer & Partners, PwC, Chef@Home). An assortment of Pieter’s photos has also been used in newspaper articles, corporate client advertisements and on websites.


PCB Photo offers a range of services custom packaged to suit your needs, including:

a.. photography for events, commercial, portraiture, weddings, bands and editorial usage;

b.. electronic media services e.g. website design, graphic design, logos, etc;

c.. videography

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