Collette Vosloo

Membership Number: SAF02025

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Province:Gauteng (North)

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Media:Newspapers, Internet - Website and Blogging, Public Relations, Consumer Magazines, Trade Publications
Speciality:Travel, Consumer issues, Environment, Humanitarian, Wildlife, Humour, Columnist, Culture, Food, Profiles, Science & Technology, Training
Profession:Writer, Copywriter, Editor, Subeditor, Project Manager, Copyeditor


I decided to be a writer after a successful Christmas story earned me the headmaster’s ‘Well done’ stamp on my forehead. I was eight years old…


Opting to study journalism, I started my career 20 years ago as the editorial assistant at a women's magazine and subsequently stumbled through sheer ignorance and the bravery of youth into public relations and the broader communication field - still with a preference for writing.


I have worked for government departments as communication officer and editor; in the private sector as consultant to organisations such as the World Health Organization and UNICEF; in a parastatal as media coordinator, aiming to advance the understanding of science and technology; and for the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research – first as editor, then senior manager: research communication, and finally as group manager: strategic communication. I recently left that position to pursue a career as freelancer where my creative and strategic thinking abilities can find expression in a wider selection of specialities and genres. Out-of-office I also assist charities with communication and writing services.


Whether writing on behalf of a CEO or Member of Parliament; conceptualising and writing strategy documents; compiling (writing or editing) issue- or product-related newsletters; content and project management of publications; profiling people in their personal or professional capacities; taking the mickey out of someone or some situation in social commentary; or waxing lyrical just for the sake of it – words are my primary paint brush.


I am also passionate about people development: not only raising the standard of communication strategies and communication products but also building the confidence of young communication professionals to help them reach their potential. To this end, I would be interested to explore opportunities in mentoring communication teams and individuals in organisations or providing practical training.




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