Danya Ristic-Schacherl

Membership Number: SAF02241

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Province:Gauteng (South)

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Speciality:General, Travel, Health, Academic, Education, Food, Fiction
Profession:Writer, Proofreader, Copyeditor


* Doctorate in English Literature from the University of Pretoria.

* Over 20 years of copyediting and proofreading experience in a wide variety of subject matters and text formats, for audiences of all ages, including textbooks; novels and poetry; academic journal articles; theses; dissertations; corporate minutes of meetings, newsletters and annual reports; as well as the materials of literacy initiatives such as Nal'ibali.

* More recently, experience in development of materials at primary school level, and writing in the form of FET textbooks.

* Several of my own poems have been published in SA literary journals.


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