Nyakallo Makgoba

Membership Number: SAF02431

Contact Details

Company Name:328pm Design
Web Address:www.328pm.com
City:Cape Town
Province:Western Cape
Country:South Africa

Profession Details

Speciality:Culture, Humanitarian, Science & Technology, Travel, General
Profession:Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Photojournalist, Social Media Expert


"As individuals we have amazing sponge like brains that gather incredible amounts of information, the knowledge we have gained over the years, precious insight into matters we’ve experienced, and information we have been taught is often left caged up in our minds. But through art all that we’ve accumulated during our many (or few) years alive can be shared, allowing the artificial divides of race, gender and wealth to fall away."

The above is taken from the founding mandate of my design venture 328pm Desin, and I view photojournalism as an extension of this mandate. The the artform of photgraphy one is able to create a platform to express the socioeconomic idiosyncracies that exist within our young democracy. Having been exposed to the economic, political and philosphical elements of our society through my formal education, I look at the word through 'critical eyes', having noticed my view point of the world I began to shadow other freelance photojournalists and self-educate my self with the field, finding a deep love and appreciation along the way.

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