Carey Finn

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Secondary Web Address:@carey_finn
Province:Eastern Cape

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Media:Newspapers, Internet - Website and Blogging, Public Relations, Consumer Magazines, Trade Publications, Social Media
Speciality:General, Travel, Health, Legal, Business/Finance, Environment, Humanitarian, Wildlife, Academic, Education, Culture, Food, Profiles, Science & Technology, Property, Training, Technical writer
Profession:Writer, Copywriter, Editor, Trainer/Lecturer, Proofreader, Subeditor, Project Manager, Researcher, Social Media Expert, Copyeditor, Journalist


I'm a freelance writer and editor with 10+ years of experience. I have created or tweaked content for a variety of clients and publications (both online and print) over the years covering everything from tourism in Cape Town to travel in Japan, financial software and other corporate subjects, the technicalities of roofing, medical conditions and more. I've also taught English (at a Japanese high school and university) and Journalism (at Rhodes University), manage(d) social media platforms and done various other bits and pieces. Currently I focus on budget Tokyo travel content, with slices of health and technology writing on the side. I'm interested in getting more involved in sustainability and environmental content.

I'm also a qualified risk communication consultant, with expertise in the area of nuclear reporting.

I have a Master of Arts in Communication (cum laude) from Unisa, a BA Honours in Media Theory and Practice from UCT, and a BA in Media and Law from the same alma mater.

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