Zelda Tommy

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Province:Gauteng (South)

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Media:Radio, Internet - Website and Blogging, Films, Television, Social Media
Speciality:Politics, Academic, Humour
Profession:Copywriter, Photographer, Photojournalist, Broadcaster, Videographer


My name is Zelda Kim Tommy; I am a first-year student at Boston Media House, Student Number 15018236.

I am currently studying towards a three-year Diploma in Media Practices. When I applied at Boston Media House, Radio really sparked my interested. I had no idea that I had a nose for news or that I would be interested in Journalism or Photography. Yolanda, my journalism lecturer advised us to join the Press Club. She knew that  this would give us a first-hand experience which is very beneficial in both theoretical and practical sense. I took her advice and without hesitation, I joined and am now Proud Member of the National Press Club of Pretoria.

 The perks of being a Member of the National Press Club of Pretoria is the networking platform. This enables me to know who is who in the zoo and it exposes me to the reality of Journalism.  I have been pro-active enough  to take my camera along with to these meetings, one of my captions has been used on the press club website.

 This is my first year at Boston Media house, I am surprising everyone with my energetic personality in the media field. I have a thirst for knowledge and to inspire the young and the old with  my new found journalism skills.
 I believe with the right guides, I will become an inspiring Journalist to my generation. I plan to write stories or should I rather say tell the story that’s going to be edifying to the readers and listeners.   This is one of the main reasons why I am applying to become a Member of the SAFREA.

“Which publication are you from?” is one of the most common  questions I get asked and with all honesty I had no idea how to respond. Now I can say I am freelance.

 My warm personality attracts people to me. They find it easy to communicate with me. I have very strong communication skills , I am the type of person that can start a conversation with anyone and yes I mean anyone . I worked at very well-known Recruitment Company for 8 years. I started working there whilst I was doing grade 11. That drive and passion for success and doing what is required have always been there. I possess a unique set of skills that a very few are blessed with. Every Individual has a story to tell, there is a story at every corner, it's about being at the right place at the right time  

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