Silke Heiss

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Province:Eastern Cape

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Media:Books, Social Media
Speciality:Education, Culture, Fiction, Training
Profession:Writer, Editor, Trainer/Lecturer, Researcher


Silke Heiss is a published poet and fiction writer who - after three decades of editing across a range of disciplines - is focusing her extensive experience exclusively on poetry and creative fiction. She has published several books of poetry together with her late husband, the poet Norman Morrissey, and is currently working on a solo collection documenting their shared journey to his death and beyond. She continues to give poetry 'walkshops' ('Hiku Hikes') and Writing Workshops on request in Hogsback, with especial focus on the self-editing process. She provides online as well as face to face editing and mentoring support to poets and writers. She is especially skilled at guiding the engineering of long works, helping writers give form to what may feel like nothing more than 'a mess of notes'. She produces a monthly newsletter entitled Give Your Writing The Edge, which provides news and thoughts on literary events and matters. It is available online at She is a member of the Ecca Poets and has a blog  





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