Gugu Manana

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Province:Gauteng (South)

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Media:Advertising, Consumer Magazines, Films
Speciality:General, Consumer issues, Wildlife, Education, Culture, Food, Profiles
Profession:Photographer, Trainer/Lecturer, Videographer


Dear Committee

I am passionate about photography and have just graduated from  the College of Digital Photography. I am studying postgrad in psychology masters and have applied for masters in clinical mental counselling with the specialization in art therapy. This is  to enable me to work as a qualified psychologist and art therapist with a focus on photo art therapy, therapeutic photographic techniques and social advocacy to heal, create, explore and for self expression and social issues in general. I would like to do group work and individual work in a professional setting.

My other passion that is proving quite profitable is photographing people and their environment, enjoy studio work, architecture, nature and wildlife. We were taught various techniques and genres in photography as you grow and understand self you get to interpret and capture subjects in the most authentic creative way. 

I would like to share this knowledge with the world by training groups in a therapeutic contexts and photographing for profit.

I bring a unique set of skills, scarce in South Africa as currently the training is offered overseas in the UK, US, Canada and some parts of Europe.

I look forward to a positive outcome and that my contribution will benefit others in a meaningful way.






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