Ronnie Van der Merwe

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Province:Gauteng (South)

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Media:Consumer Magazines, Newspapers
Speciality:Consumer issues, News


Ronnie Eric Van der Merwe is a 43 year old black male.He works as an enrolled nurse at Charlotte Maxeke Jhb Academic hospital in Parktown.

Ronnie is gay and single at present.He is the father to a 2 year 10 month old girl whom he adopted in 2015.He  loves travelling, reading,writing and the arts.

Ronnie is aesthetic, dynamic, hardworking and friendly.He speaks English, Afrikaans,Sotho, German and abit of Zulu and French.He worked in Germany as an au pair after spending one year of the univercity of Potchefstroom (Vaal campus).He could not complete his degree in languages due to financial and personal issues.He then went to Europe.This experience was vital in broadening his horizons and it improved his communications skills.

Ronnie have never given up on his dream to become a Journalist.His ambition is to be the best Freelance Journalis.

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