Duncan Taylor

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Web Address:www.squireslens.com
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Province:Gauteng (South)

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Media:Advertising, Books, Internet - Website and Blogging
Speciality:Environment, General, Training
Profession:Photographer, Project Manager


I have been capturing images of the world around us for close on 30 years now. It is more than a mere passion or hobby and with that many people have come to appreciate the images I have presented. Having started out on 35mm Black and white with my own dark room and developing setup I progressed to colour 35mm and then established a studio on Loop street in Cape Town. From there the experimentation and love for photography developed into a full time job and Squire's Lens Photography was born. I identified international studio's with a similar photographic passion, and so traveled to the United States of America to establish ties with studios and galleries in Austin, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. The concept was simple in the approach and that was to assign consignment stock to each studio on an exclusive basis and in turn, return to South Africa with a consignment for display locally.

Unfortunately due to ill health in the family I returned to South Africa unexpectedly to assist my father and Squire's Lens Photography was put on hold for a few years. I have with great glee resurrected the company over the last few months and am eagerly forging ahead to re-establish myself in the industry. I am passionate about street photography and recording the world around us as real as it is. I seem to have a knack for making the ordinary appear a bit more than ordinary which people appreciate.

Combining my ability as a Photographer and my passion for writing I will be exploring the Photojournalism aspect of the industry and this combined with the studio work I am doing has combined into a package that I am able to market. I constantly challenge the boundaries and eagerly incorporate a creative flair to my photography to give my clients that 'Wow' factor, it seperates the normal from the not so normal and offers them a new perspective on their lives and the world around us.

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