Kelly-May Macdonald

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Company Name:Write up your alley
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City:Cape Town
Postal Code:7700
Province:Western Cape
Country:South Africa

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Media:Advertising, Books, Internet - Website and Blogging, Consumer Magazines, Social Media
Speciality:General, Travel, Academic, Education, Humour, Columnist, Culture, Fiction, Training
Profession:Writer, Copywriter, Editor, Trainer/Lecturer, Proofreader, Subeditor, Researcher, Script Writer, Transcriptionist, Copyeditor


My life is spent not drowning; but happily waving, in a sea of words; reading, writing, speaking, listening to and thinking about them.

A degree in English, together with a rich and varied work experience history has provided me with a wide range of skills.  My passion for education is reflected in the ten fulfilling years I spent teaching six- and seven-year olds; relishing the sheer delight on their faces as they discovered, for the first time, the joys held within the written word.  In addition, I have taught adults to speak, read and write English as a second language; trained both children and adults on various computer systems; and written and designed training manuals.  The years I spent working as a personal assistant and legal secretary (both locally and in London), have resulted in an ability to type at the speed of light.

Blessed with an eagle eye; I pounce on spelling mistakes and grammatical errors with the accuracy of a raptor swooping down from the heavens and plucking mice out of wheat fields.  I am meticulous, thorough and an advocate of triple-checking.  My proofreading and editing experience to date has ranged from school reports to books, articles and audio-to-text transcripts.  A regular attendee at writing workshops, I write daily because I believe, in the words of Anaïs Nin, that “we write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

I am available for freelance work in the fields of writing, editing, proofreading and transcription. 

Please visit my blog on for samples of my writing. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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