Judy Backhouse

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Web Address:judybackhouse.com
Secondary Web Address:better.joburg
Province:Gauteng (South)

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Media:Books, Internet - Website and Blogging, Newspapers, Social Media
Speciality:Academic, Business/Finance, Education, Training
Profession:Copywriter, Researcher, Trainer/Lecturer, Writer


Judy is a multi-faceted human, currently working as an artist, entrepreneur and academic, among other things. She is a cofounder of Better, a coworking space for creative makers in Johannesburg and has a part-time day job at Wits University. She worked at the Council on Higher Education as the Director for Monitoring and Advice and learned that the Minister takes no interest in advice. So now she writes occasional commentary on higher education, on her blog Judy's Views. She also worked for many years in the IT industry doing everything from designing networks to being a CIO. She considers herself a corporate refugee and encourages people to throw off their chains and freelance. She runs courses for freelancers at Better to teach them the business skills they need to enjoy their freedom. She also enjoys writing and has had some success getting the odd article published, both in the academic space and elsewhere. In her spare time she is working on a (non-fiction) book or two. She can be found on LinkedIn, on Facebook (@ArtbyJudyBackhouse) and Twitter (@ProfJudy).

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