Jessica Maria Dwyer

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Country:South Africa

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Media:Internet - Website and Blogging, Social Media, Radio, Advertising, Consumer Magazines, Newspapers, Television
Speciality:Environment, Food, Health, Consumer issues, Humanitarian, Property
Profession:Trainer/Lecturer, Writer


I began blogging on Natural Health and Eco-friendly living in 2012 after transforming my lifestyle and wellbeing starting in 2010.  I am currently studying part-time and being mentored by a good friend and Naturopathic Doctor in Los Angeles.

I love to uplift, inspire and guide people on best health practices, to help them to realize their full potential.  We were designed to feel vitality and bliss.  Besides our physical well-being, our emotional and mental well-being is largely determined by our lifestyle and what we consume. True health and wellness requires a holistic approach - on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  Our bodies are ageing wrong, we can age gracefully with strength and vitality, and live without pain and discomfort,   We need to learn to invest in our health to ensure the quality of life that we deserve.

I share my personal experiences and successes on my path to health and self discovery - body, Soul and mind. You can explore my blog  for insight into passions 


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