Justin Hammond

Membership Number: SAF03079

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Web Address:http://www.yourdev.co.za
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Province:Gauteng (South)

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Media:Internet - Website and Blogging
Profession:Web Designer


I am a web developer from Kempton Park. I taught myself programming for over 3 years now. I consider myself to be well equiped in the field of Web development for Web Applications and Standard Websites.

I almost followed a completley different career path after high school. Once I realized my passion for programming I made my mind up very quickly that Web development was a deep passion of mine that I never thought I would have. I learned from books, documentation and courses online. After leaving my previous job as an IT technition I devoted my time to becoming the best I can be at career I truly enjoy every minute of.

I also enjoy developing side projects for the community and I am open to developing free Web Applications for non profit organizations.

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