Sanmari Marais

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Company Name:Tonic Branding
Province:Gauteng (South)
Country:South Africa

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Media:Radio, Advertising, Books, Newspapers, Internet - Website and Blogging, Public Relations, Consumer Magazines, Trade Publications, Films, Television, Social Media
Speciality:General, Culture, Science & Technology
Profession:Photographer, Graphic Designer, Photojournalist, Social Media Expert, Web Designer



Imagine a single magical mix which can create, grow and refresh your brand into the perfect business enterprise, creating loyal customers and building meaningful relationships along the way.

It’s the perfect creative cocktail of visual branding, graphic design, photography and marketing expertise.

Delivered with a personalised client experience, you’ll be left wondering how you ever lived without it.



This magical mix is found right here in…


-- visual branding refreshed --



This is a branding business with a difference.

Committed to personal attention and open communication with clients, founded on more than a decade of image and design excellence, mixed in with digital marketing flare and a twist of corporate advertising know-how, TONIC BRANDING serves all who seek to identify or refresh their brand!



Dedicated professionals with a passion for visual brand stories, visual impact and client business growth, our Tonic trio of ingredients in the perfect Branding cocktail are:

Brand identity

Through Graphic design mastery, we create your logo and all accompanying matched visual material - to give your new or refreshed brand an unforgettable identity

Brand building

We build your brand though targeted and measured marketing consultation - and grow your brand through consistent communication and constant analysis

Creative imagery

Expert imagery of product shots, food, corporate events, professional portraits, facilities and more, are enhanced by the expert photographic skills of TONIC BRANDING founder, Sanmari Marais



The brand identity and marketing efforts of any business is an investment, not an expense. Investing in your company’s image assists long term growth” – Sanmari Marais



TONIC BRANDING was founded to assist companies in ultimately reaching their financial growth goals by hands-on head honcho, pasta and red wine lover, Sanmari Marais. With a degree in Graphic Design, education from the Imperial College of London and several impressive photographic qualifications and extensive experience within the corporate advertising industry, Sanmari, formerly the Director of award-winning Sammy Shoots Photography and Graphic Design, is eminently qualified to front this strategically based, visually innovative, full-service, high-end boutique branding agency.


Why choose this tonic?

  • You need to look your best to your customers! We create or refresh your brand identity with your customer’s perception of your value in mind - and ensure that every touch point you have with them enhances this
  • We combine professional marketing and design expertise with the use of the latest state of the art, industry standard software and hardware
  • We utilise a network of dedicated industry professionals with the necessary skills and determination to propel your brand forward – from dull existence to a refreshed, invigorated and recognised entity!
  • With consistent communication, impactful visuals, creative problem solving and online solutions, we position your brand for growth and strength in the tough, but lucrative digital marketing space
  • We provide branding solutions with less hassle and more results – your success is our reason to be!


Our services

Our services include, but are not restricted to –

Visual Branding

Graphic Design

Brand Strategy

Brand Management

Commercial Photography

Marketing Consulting

Website design

Social Media Strategy

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