Deborah Don

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Speciality:General, Health, Food
Profession:Writer, Editor, Proofreader, Researcher


 Although I don't have any journalist qualifications, I have written a book and have developed several workshops.

 As far as proofreading, editing and research goes, my strong self-discipline will ensure that I am diligent and reliable, and my ability to think laterally enables creativity.


I would like this opportunity to tell you a bit more about what I am skilled at.


*  Specialist Self-Esteem Coach

*  Individual and group self-esteem workshops

*  Author of 'Completely Fed'

*  Developer and presenter of Completely Fed and Comfort Eating workshops

*  Martial Arts and Tai Chi instructor

*  Qualified chef with food styling experience

*  Aromatherapist; Sound therapist; Energy balancing treatment

I have been a healer for 30 years and a specialist self-esteem coach for 20 of those.


Although I didn't specialise in any area of cuisine, I definitely enjoyed the creative aspects of butter sculpture and food photography.


After many years as a full-time martial arts and tai chi instructor, I combined my knowledge of cooking and the mind/body link to develop my first workshop - Completely Fed   .' Completely ' implying more than just our physical bodies. So it is a practical and user-friendly method for learning how to effectively nourish our mental and emotional selves. My book has the same title and is a result of the workshop.


My self-esteem training was done with Celia Coburn, and the PNI training was done with Dr. Margo de Kooker. It is my implicit belief that a high self-esteem is the foundation for emotional wellness.


The aromatherapy treatment that has evolved over the past 30 years is quite unique. As well as the energy balancing treatment, I now also do sound therapy, using the meridians and master points on the body, to enhance the healing process by introducing an elevated quality of resonance into the body.


The meditation technique that I use is a no-nonsense approach to gaining mindfulness and calmness.












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