Laurissa van der Walt

Membership Number: SAF03228

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Secondary Web
Province:Western Cape
Country:South Africa

Profession Details

Media:Advertising, Books, Newspapers, Internet - Website and Blogging, Consumer Magazines, Social Media
Profession:Copywriter, Photographer, Graphic Designer, DTP, Powerpoint Designer


I'm a freelance graphic designer working remotely from my home office in the Western Cape. I've worked in the creative industry since 2006 and after having spent time at a few creative agencies, I decided to try my hand at freelancing full-time, which I've been doing successfully since 2014. 

I've got a degree from a respectable institution (BA (Bk) Information Design) and I've completed an online Copywriting Course. I’m insanely passionate about graphic design, copy and photography and I love utilising my skills to add value to businesses and people’s lives both locally and abroad. 


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