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Media:Books, Newspapers, Consumer Magazines, Trade Publications, Social Media
Speciality:General, Environment, Humanitarian, News, Wildlife, Academic, Education, Culture, Fiction, Science & Technology
Profession:Editor, Proofreader, Subeditor, Researcher, Publisher, Social Media Expert, Copyeditor, Journalist


I am a versatile freelance editor and journalist with twenty years experience behind me, mainly in the newspaper industry, having to date edited on both South African Independent Newspaper group titles and UK newspapers on the London Fleet Street circuit; also for various media companies in the areas of law, travel and tourism, African literature both fiction and non-fiction, academia, natural science and media and also medical and life science research papers written by second-language authors. My inherent love of, feel for and understanding of language with my experience and training through top journalists in newspaper editorial nationally and internationally, behind which I have the mental training and diverse academia of my tertiary qualifications, enables me to fine-tune copy fluently to convey the desired message in the most straightforward, grammatically accurate and objective yet truthful way possible.

I have edited for the past twenty years in the news, academic and literary fields, starting in 1998 at then Independent Newspapers KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa as a news copy sub-editor on The Mercury. I freelanced first full-time then intermittently from 1998 to 2005 at Independent Newspapers KZN, copy-editing and proofreading news pages using QuarkXpress 3.32 and Quark CopyDesk in news editorial and commercial editorial. Aside from news copy, my duties included copy editing and proofreading features, commercial editorial and horse-racing pages and completing horse-racing page layout and basic news page layout and design.

I also worked on the London Fleet Street circuit for over five years across the board of most UK national and London titles, returning intermittently to dash on Independent Newspaper titles. My responsibilities on the London/UK newspaper circuit included copy editing and proofreading of news and features, news page layout and design using QuarkXpress 4, Atex and Hermes. During my years in London, I also worked as a freelancer on a part or full-time basis on various other London publications, including the international Jane's Information Group titles where I was a copy editor and page layout sub for military features on a full-time basis, the BCE Book Club where I did professional proofreading of book manuscripts, and proofreading for the Law Gazette, among others.

My additional experience after my return to South Africa and further freelance copy-editing for news at Independent Newspapers KZN, in 2005, involves proofreading post-graduate manuscripts for the University of KwaZulu-Natal Press and also freelancing as a copy editor for the Gauteng-based The Media magazine. I also undertook some sporadic writing for the local newspaper on mostly community-based initialtives with which I was then involved. For the past five years since 2013 I have continued to work full time remotely in the publishing industry for the South African publishing  house, Reach Publications. My work for Reach includes proofreading and editing unpublished book manuscripts, both fiction and non-fiction, written by African authors, both first- and second-language English speakers. In 2012 until 2014 this was interspersed with relief work at the uMngeni Local History Museum where I undertook documentation and cataloguing using the new Africom DAC system and research of local history. Since mid 2015 I have been working concurrently as a freelancer for a US academic freelance company in proofreading and language-check editing research papers written by international second-language scientists in various disciplines, mainly the life sciences and medicine.


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