Dorette Avlonitis

Membership Number: SAF03263

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Province:Gauteng (North)

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Media:Advertising, Newspapers, Trade Publications
Speciality:General, Travel, Property
Profession:Photographer, Proofreader, Translator, Subeditor, Journalist


Matriculated 1962 in Pretoria and completed BA (majors French, Eng &Afr) at Pretoria University 1965. Worked as translator and after travelling in Europe for 6 months, worked at the Dept of Immigration in Johannesburg - initiating applications for Permanent Residence from many foreign visitors.

Joined Hoofstad Pers in Pretoria  1977 where I worked as a subeditor and translator. Also filled in as business reporter/photographer. I was involved with a special edition on property and left to become an estate agent 1980. I worked for a few small companies and then decided to go on my own - I have joined forces with two companies for short periods but have been working as Mega Homes since 1995 - essentially freelancing but registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board all the while.



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