Jamie Windell

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Company Name:Jamie Windell
Web Address:www.jamiewindell.com
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Province:Gauteng (North)

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Media:Internet - Website and Blogging, Social Media
Speciality:General, Business/Finance, Financial
Profession:Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Social Media Expert


I am a Certified Business & Performance Coach helping Startups and Entrepreneurs Unlock Their Business Potential by providing all the business fundamentals including Brand, Logo and Website Design and Development and ultimately helping them creatively connect the pieces.  

A bit of a background to who I am and my experience. 


I’m a South African born ,highly driven individual who has a deep passion to help and guide people with a love for Entrepreneurship and Coaching.


So far, I have 10+ years experience in corporate, 5 of those years were within an Operations Manager role, I have completed a few diplomas and certifications from Logistics to Personal Training, Life and Business Coaching.


I have worked in various departments and positions over the past 10 years which has allowed me to offer knowledge and guidance among almost all business aspects and this allows me bring to the floor creative thinking and value added information to Startups to unlock hidden potential and ideas. Fields, industries and skills I have learnt and been involved in and some excelled in include logistics, imports and exports, warehousing, stock control, construction, maintenance, internal sales, marketing, brand design and development, website development, WordPress, Shopify, finance, bookkeeping, procurement, project coordination, project management, data capturing, I.T and database administration (Maximizer, Sage, Magnetic, Adobe AI, MS Office), CCTV, Audio Visual & Technology, Fitness Instructor, and Coaching.


Having tested, tried and failed a few of my own startups along the way, 10 to be exact. Firstly, I am grateful to have had the opportunity. Secondly, I have gained a lot of knowledge and a vast amount of skills which I am now confident to share these learnings and skills with other Startup’s and young Entrepreneurs and hopefully help them to avoid the mistakes I made and learn the fundamentals from the Start and help drive them to launch and prolong a successful business.

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