Leslie Downie

Membership Number: SAF03369

Contact Details

Province:Western Cape
Country:South Africa

Profession Details

Speciality:Legal, Academic, Fiction, Consumer issues, Food, Humanitarian, Technical writer
Profession:Writer, Editor, Proofreader, Project Manager


QUALIFICATIONS:  BA (Law and Languages), HONS (English), LLB, MPhil

MEDIATING DISPUTES:  I am an accredited mediator and mediate disputes between authors, publishers and other media stakeholders.  

LEGAL EDUCATIONAL:  I am a practising lawyer, and like to edit academic legal writing to keep myself up to date with new research.  I wrote and project-managed an English/Xhosa 11 hour audio series How to Buy and Sell a Township House under my trademark BLISS:Business Law Informal Sector Solutions.  It is also held by some university libraries in South Africa.

ACADEMIC: I wrote the Juta legal textbook Pro Poor Legal Practice.  To read more about the book or to order it see https://juta.co.za/products/pro-poor-legal-practice-household-rights-and-subsidised-housing-in-south-africa/.  I have also written a number of peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed academic papers, one of which was awarded the best international article for July in 2016.

NON FICTION WRITING AND REPORTING: I write and report on pro-poor issues affecting society.

FICTION: I project-managed, edited and self-published a collaborative murder mystery with seven authors, with notes on collaborative writing techniques.  It is held by 7 University libraries in the  USA and South Africa.  To read more about the book or to order it see https://www.thebookcollector.co.za/shop/fiction/dead-letter-a-ms-abercrombie-mystery-signed-by-the-authors/  


MEDIATION OF DISPUTES:   In the past I worked with the independent press on defamation actions.  I now act as a mediator to resolve disputes between authors, sources, the people written about, editors, publishers and other media stakeholders. I am on the Mediation in Motion panel. See https://mediationinmotion.com/mediators/profile/0/44  for my other mediation specialisations. I can offer email or facetime mediations.

ACADEMIC EDITING: I am an admitted attorney with Michalsons Attorneys. I take on academic editing and proofreading when if feel that a close reading of the research will extend me.  My MPhil brought together the disciplines of English literature, law and geomatics. My thesis was awarded with distinction in 2015.  

FICTION AND NON-FICTION SOFT EDITING:  I do soft editing of fiction and non-fiction.  I only undertake proofreading if I feel I will enjoy reading the material and an excerpt of the writing shows the author is a kindred spirit.  

COLLABORATIVE WRITING:  I project-manage collaborative writing initiatives, using my mediation skills to manage different approaches. I will be launching various collaborative writing initiatives during the COVID lockdown.


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