Andrea Altgayer

Membership Number: SAF03396

Contact Details

Province:Gauteng (South)
Country:South Africa

Profession Details

Media:Trade Publications, Films, Television
Speciality:General, Academic, Culture, Profiles, Television
Profession:Writer, Proofreader, Translator, Subeditor, Researcher, Transcriptionist, Videographer


1)Broadcasting and Television:I love to move people by using my camera to tell stories. I have over 10 year's experience as a Studio Camera Operator.I thrive in this fast-paced and constantly evolving environment.I also offer the following services in this regard:

*Jony Jib Operation (yes, I'm a female Jib Operator!)

*ENG Camera Operation & Videography

*Studio Floor Management

*Autocue Operation and Script Editing

I have a showreel of my camera and jib work which is available upon request.


I am a native Spanish speaker, and am also fluent in English and French.I am experienced in doing translations into all three languages.My work is accurate, and I always meet my deadlines.


I am a born storyteller with a love of languages.I am fascinated by people and the world around me.I am curious, and like to take my readers on a journey through my stories,whether they are fictional or factual.

I pay attention to detail such as grammar, spelling,diction, tone, style and audience.

I am also experienced in writing corporate correspondence, business proposals, CV's, website biographies and presentations.

I have a portfolio of creative and other writing which is available upon request.

4)Sub-editing and proofreading:

I have a great eye for accuracy, and have worked on academic texts, biographies, CV's, proposals and other documents for local and online clients.


I live, eat and breathe film and broadcasting.I am also deeply passionate about the fine and performance arts,culture,current affairs, real estate, human stories as well as health and fitness.I am an avid reader and keen photographer.I also have a flair for writing, and carry a notebook, pen and camera wherever I go.






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