Merle Symonds

Membership Number: SAF03430

Contact Details

Company Name:Word Matters
Cell Phone:0834698090
Province:Gauteng (South)
Country:South Africa

Profession Details

Media:Books, Internet - Website and Blogging, Public Relations, Consumer Magazines, Trade Publications, Social Media
Speciality:General, Travel, Health, Business/Finance, Environment, Wildlife, Academic, Education, Humour, Food, Sports, Profiles, Fiction, Training, Financial
Profession:Copywriter, Editor, Trainer/Lecturer, Proofreader, Subeditor, Project Manager, Researcher, Web Designer, Powerpoint Designer, Social Media Expert, Copyeditor



Many years in corporate business have allowed me to explore many aspects of business and enabled me to travel across Africa while supporting multi-million dollar capital projects.

While my formal education is focused on marketing, and I have strategic planning and a research background, I have experience in supply chain planning, technical project planning and marketing project management in new product development. I do also have an NQF Assessor qualification which enables me to have a variety of freelancing work streams.

I seem to have come full circle - I have always had a penchant for good writing and a passion for words; so much so that after leaving the business world I enrolled and successfully completed a university copy-editing qualification, and I am revelling in the world of words.

I've co-founded a company called Word Matters; including all forms of editing, proofreading and perfecting with focus on style, content, grammar, language, spelling, punctuation, writing, layout, formatting … every detail matters!


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