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Martha Poller is a teacher by trade and part-time author. At P.K. de Villiers she has proved herself as excellent grade 12 English teacher (HIGCE second language) where her classes obtained an average of 95% pass rate: the best pass rate in Namibia for the years 2004/2005. She also excelled as English lecturer for tertiary students during her 6 year employment at NIMT.

Martha’s excellent communication skills and her ability to empathize with co-workers and students alike enable her to get along well with most in her work environment. Her ambition, strong work ethic and drive landed her in leadership positions wherever she was employed. In this light she served on the PK de Villiers School Board 8 years, held the HOD position for 6 years and was appointed as manager and regional coordinator at Trustco’s Institute for Open Learning.

Martha believes in continuous self-improvement and -empowerment and is always looking for new ways to challenge herself. Her determination and perseverance have lead to great successes in her life. Not only does she strive for personal growth but she continuously endeavors to inspire those around her. A good case in point is when she recently compiled ancillary manuals, one for ECS (English Second Language) and another for Entrepreneurial Skills, on her own accord, to better facilitate her NIMT students’ studies.

In her free time, Martha practices her writing passion. She wrote her first two autobiographic novels recently, which were published by Malherbe Publishers in South Africa. She also has a well-supported personal blog where she writes about daily experiences and everyday issues. Her latest novel, Hagar, as well as a number of her blog pieces, is currently being read on Chanel 7 radio.

Another passion of Martha is her involvement in the community. She had a weekly slot on NBC radio (1999 – 2004) for which she compiled and broadcasted reports and information on sport and other community events. More recently she is very much involved in Chanel 7’s radiothon, where she is part of a committee, assisting the radio station in the yearly online auction.

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