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Media:Books, Newspapers, Consumer Magazines
Speciality:Travel, Health, Business/Finance, Environment, Humanitarian, Wildlife, Education, Culture
Profession:Photographer, Photojournalist, Publisher, DTP, Video Editor, Videographer, Journalist


It’s a pity … that this is how it’s to start … technically I’m not to write my Biography, so … I’ll just add what is from my CV

Work is ...Love made visible ….  I work with Love and Joy.



I am a highly motivated and experienced photographer, videographer and journalist who is keen to work in new and challenging environments. I work well under pressure, and am able to meet close deadlines for publications. I operate well in team settings. My communication skills in verbal and written are excellent.           

I am competent in all mediums of photography, from 35mm, Medium Format and Digital photography; Videography, an experienced controller of the DSLR.

I operate a photographic Studio in Johannesburg, also proficient in Journalism and Desktop Publishing.

I welcome the chance to use my initiative and creativity, and am very adaptable, and committed to the profession and Art of Photography.


Self published a book commemorating the centenary year to the Nelsons Mandela Birth. This limited edition coffee table book will show 100 images of Nelson Mandela accompanied by 100 Quotes of Nelson Mandela.


Passed two certificate courses at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) eLearniung center. In December 2017 I passed Course on Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights for Rights Holders and in 2018 from February to May 2018 I studied and furthered my knowledge of IP when I completed and passed the course : General Course on Intellectual Property.

 Speaking engagement at Africa’s largest phototropic event, held in Johannesburg in Oct 2017.                 

The topic I presented was Copyright and the new Copyright Amendment Bill 2017 and how it would effect photographer in South Africa.

Published a duel language newspaper for the Annual Summer Dipontsho Cultural Festival in Qwa qwa the Free State.  September – 0ctober 2015.

I was commissioned to capture images in Benin for Petrolin’s Backbone Project, an enterprising infrastructure project of rail, sea and air transport from Benin to Niger including Nigeria in 2014.

My portrait of President Nelson Mandela was chosen as the official image by the Mandela Family and Government to represent him during his funeral in December 2013, the image was published world wide. 

Managing, Afrika Moves Media Agency in March 2011, where myself and my team of photographers including videographers captured the Women's Development Foundation (WDF) at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg. The event lasted for two days where we recorded the unveiling of a plaque, the conference the dinner and dance that consisted of over 200 women.

I started Kitso Media Community Newspapers in 2000, which published until 2004 … restarted in 2015, when we published publications in Phuthaditjhaba the Free State.



Shaun Earl Harris Photography / Afrika Moves Media Agency

Manager Director, Senior Photographer and Videographer from 1994 - current

  • Photographer / videographer for Africa Institute of Petroleum and Petrolin at the 24thAfrica Oil week held in Cape Town in October 2017.
  • Photographer / Videographer for CAMP I AM July 2017 Spelling B Schools competition July 2017.
  • Senior photographer / videographer for the AMPED Talent show and competition.

This entailed taking images and video for the Students from over 2000 schools that were chosen for the final auditions from April 2017 – August 2017 in the process the students were whittled down from the 10 000 to 150 then the top 10 students.

  • Started a portrait studio in Johannesburg, September 2016.
  • Commissioned to video the official stands of Enterprise Mauritius at SAITEX 2016 at Gallagher Convention Centre from the 19th– 21stJune 2016.
  • Commissioned to capture the official 50thIndependence Celebration of Guyana in Pretoria on the 28thof May 2016.
  • Africa Oil Week 2015 in Cape Town for Petrolin - October 2015

Covering all aspects of the world class event, in digital images and video

  • 2012 The African Union Diaspora African Forum and Ministerial meeting 2012 Africa Union PLC
  • Photographer / videographer for My Home Town Tour in Zambia - 2012
  • Women's Development Foundation Hosting / shooting video and images / staging - March 2011
  • Kenya / Luma photo-story for Mail on Sunday - 2010
  • Photographer for Arise Fashion and Fashion show - 2009
  • Zenex Foundation photographer / videographer / designer / publisher 2009-2013
  • Malawi Schools feeding program October 2008.
  • Make a Difference (MAD) Photographer for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Ethiopia Commission for UNDC / Marley Family / 2006
  • Commissioned to go to Afghanistan to cover the bombers that bombed London in July 2005
  • Commissioned by GCIS (Government Communication and Information Service) to cover the 40th Anniversary of the Organization of African Unity to the African Union - 2005
  • Commissioned by Film Resource Unit to be Official Photographer for the film launch in South Africa of Sankofa - 2004
  • Commissioned by Pan Afrikan Press Agency to cover the signing of the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) Inter Congolese peace treaty at Sun City - 2002
  • Freelancing2002 2003 Commissioned by LA News to cover Oprah Winfrey Christmas kindness tour of South Africa
  • Commissioned by Mail on Sunday to cover British walkers going up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania - 2002
  • Commissioned by MTN to photograph telecommunications in Central and South Africa: Nigeria, Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda, Swaziland and South Africa - 2002
  • Commissioned by World Conference Against Racism Secretariat as Official Photographer 2001 2002
  • Working for The Business day, Independent, Star Newspapers from the Independent News group
  • Sowetan, and Sowetan Sunday World from the Nail group
  • Working as on "Set" photographer for SABC and Mnet for various TV and entertainment programmes

MAIN Freelance Assignments January 1994 - 2000

  • Working in South Africa, London and other African Countries
  • Covering various aspects of the South African elections for several International News agencies Which included local historical events such as the uprising in Bophuthatswana, the massacre in Johannesburg at the Shell House on the 28th of March also the inauguration of Mr. Mandela as the president of South Africa
  • I worked in the major townships such as Soweto and Alexandra to the then strife torn Kwa-Zulu Natal, Tembisa, covering all aspects in the daily life of the South African people
  • Started Afrika Moves Photographic
  • Started teaching photography to students at Toms Lab, Bree Street Johannesburg
  • Supplying images to photographic to Agencies and Photographic Libraries around the world

MAIN Freelance Commissions 1993 - 1994

  • Started working for the Mail on Sunday Newspaper in London
  • Worked for Evening Standard, The Mail, Sunday Times, The Times, Independent newspapers in London, as a photographer covering braking news stories and assignments for their publications.

Army District Photographer London 1992 - 1993

  • Responsible for photographs of State ceremonial and military events in the London District.
  • During this time I was the official photographer for the Royal garden party and Trooping the Colour.

Brigade Photographer 1991 - 1992

  • Responsible for taking photographs of Northern Irish suspects in and around Belfast, and Northern Ireland
  • Achieved high standards of photography for use in Civil and Military courts and various publications
  • Whilst in this position I was responsible for the running and the maintenance of both the Brigade and Battalion darkrooms

United Nations Photographer in Sinai 1990 - 1991

  • In this position I was accountable for photographing any cross border incursions between Israel and Egypt in the Sinai peninsular
  • I successfully managed the large photographic department for the Multi-National force
  • Also photographing all VIP's and dignitaries visiting the area of operations
  • I also set up and ran a photographic club for soldiers in the Multi-National Force

Army Service 1979 - 1993

  • During my service I have travelled to 35 countries working with many Military and civilian organizations
  • I have also worked with a number of Special Forces units
  • I have undertaken many operations including six tours of duty in Northern Ireland



I have been self educating myself with online courses on IP and the related rights involved the courses are run by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

DL-101 General Course on Intellectual Property (en), (22-02-2018 - 08-04-2018)

This course builds on the concepts presented in course DL-001 Primer on Intellectual Property. It provides participants with a more in-depth overview of the fundamentals of intellectual property (IP) law, and is indispensable for the more advanced courses of study on specific areas of IP law.

Content and structure The course includes 12 modules, at the end of which there is a final exam:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Intellectual Property
  • Module 2: Copyright
  • Module 3: Related Rights
  • Module 4: Trademarks
  • Module 5: Geographical Indications
  • Module 6: Industrial Designs
  • Module 7: Patents
  • Module 8: WIPO Treaties
  • Module 9: Unfair Competition
  • Module 10: Protection of New Varieties of Plants
  • Module 11: Summary and Discussion on Intellectual Property Rights
  • Module 12: IP and Development – The WIPO Development Agenda
  • Final Exam

During June 2017 – December 2017

Oct 2017 – Dec 2017


DL502e Course on Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights for Rights Holders


This course, targeted at anyone intending to learn in-depth about collective management and in particular primary rights holders, aims at raising awareness of how creators, users, legislators and society at large benefit from the system of collective management.


June 2017 – Oct 2017


The DL-001 course is comprised of twelve modules designed to facilitate the sequential expansion and assimilation of general IP concepts:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Overview of IP
  • Module 3: Copyright
  • Module 4: Related Rights
  • Module 5: Trademarks
  • Module 6: Geographical Indications
  • Module 7: Industrial Designs
  • Module 8: Patents
  • Module 9: New Plant Varieties
  • Module 10: Unfair Competition
  • Module 11: Enforcement of IP Rights

Module 12: Emerging Issues in IP - IP and Development


Photojournalist certificate course from the Institute for the Advancement of Journalist -1992

City and Guilds Certificate on Digital photography from University of Westminster UK – 1996

Course on New Developments in Photography -1990

Army photographic course - 1980

7 CSE's including Math, English and Science



All mediums of Photography and Videography, proficient Editor, designer, and desktop publisher. 

Trained using the applications:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, Flash .PDF files, Final Cut Pro, and Lightroom.



Read about the TRUE Story of the world 

I like to participate in many sports including long distant running, I ran Comrades Marathon 2009, 2010 and 2011.

I also enjoy experiencing the different peoples and cultures around the world having been to over 170 countries since traveling.


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